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Spa Marketing

Listing your spa on WaySpa is hands down the most cost-effective way to acquire new customers, gain exposure and increase brand recognition.

Your Own Mini-Site

Your Mini-Site includes everything customers want to see when choosing a spa to visit – ana overview of your facility, treatment and package menus, customer reviews, a photo gallery and your full contact info.

Canada’s Go-To Spa Search Engine

With thousands of searches done every month on WaySpa,com, being included in our search engine is the quickest way to boost your exposure and bring customers in your door.

Unlimited Customer Leads

A listing on WaySpa generates unlimited customer leads. You’ll be notified of each new lead by email so you can stay on top of things and you’ll have an archive of all past leads in your Listing Manager.

WaySpa Gift Cards

WaySpa has tens of thousands of gift cards in the marketplace and every day those customers visit our website to determine where to use them. By accepting WaySpa gift cards, you’re opening the door to thousands of potential new customers. Our distribution network includes Shoppers Drug Mart, Loblaws, Safeway, Metro, Sobeys, Rexall Pharma Plus and more.

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