Novo Spa

5 out of 5
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66 Avenue Road
Toronto, Ontario

10.0 avg. rating
Reception 10.0
Facilities 10.0
Room 10.0
Treatments 10.0
Comfort 10.0
91% of guests recommend
based on 70 reviews
  • from Toronto, Ontario

    This was a very nice spa and my massage therapy was excellent!

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    8.32 out of 10
  • from Scarborough, Ontario

    I was unpleasantly surprised when the receptionists were unfriendly. I have visited the spa numerous times and never had this type of experience. I was using Wayspa gift cards, but had overpaid for the service. Instead of waiting until the total was determined, they redeemed all of my giftcards, and so I was left with a giftcard to Novospa instead of an extra Wayspa giftcard to use anywhere I like. The other thing I would mention is that more than one shower would be a good idea, especially when the spa is busy, as it was yesterday. Very disappointing.

    3.82 out of 10
  • from Toronto, Ontario

    I found the staff very friendly and inviting. I appreciated the short tour of the locker room and staff pulled out the slippers I was to wear in the spa. That was great! The massage with the RMT was also fantastic and I found the staff to be very friendly. The facilities were also clean and organized.

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    9.71 out of 10
  • As a birthday present I took my mom to the spa. We both had facials, pedicures and manicures. The staff was warm and welcoming from start to finish. I will definitely go back!

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    9.5 out of 10
  • from Toronto, Ontario

    My hour long massage was just what I needed. My therapist Kyla really listened to the problems/issues I have been having with back/neck pain and really focused her work in those spots. It was a great experience overall, very calming, which is exactly what I needed since I am getting married next week! :)

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    7.56 out of 10
  • from Toronto, Ontario

    Spa was great. Reception could have been more open and welcoming.

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    6.63 out of 10
  • from Toronto, Ontario

    Was a little disappointed, had heart good things about the spa but was not impressed with the staff or the atmosphere.

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    7.0 out of 10
  • Worst Spa Experience ever! After driving for at least 45 mins to get there since I was invited by my brother's girlfriend, I was whisked away into the change room with a robe that was too small, it said it was one size fits all but of course that doesn't apply if you are a plus size person who's in Yorkville... So I changed and tried to get comfortable in a robe, and took a towel to cover up my body a bit while I felt like soon I was going to pop open like a badly wrapped Christmas gift. When I sat down, in the lounge chair I was so tense I couldn't even relax because I was so conscious of my body that I had to get up. However once I did, I noticed that the slippers the receptionist had given me were gone! I looked for someone to assist me... I waited and waited.... Normally I'm a very patient person because of the kind of work that I do, I have to be patient but the amount of time that I'd waited was over an hour and my brother's girlfriend was finished her massage. Had I known her better (this was the second time meeting her) I would have really given the spa sh*t. I never did get my massage and the receptionist "Sandra Marrocco" (not sure about the spelling) some how tried to blame us for us by the booking of the appointment saying something how we had didn't mention that we're a couple (wtf)? and how we should have told them that we were coming together. First of all I told her I already had mentioned to them how my "friend" was there and when I had asked them if they had seen her no one could assist me. My "friend" had told them how I was on my way and that she'd meet me down there. No one asked me if I wanted anything, if I was comfortable, if I needed a glass of water, a magazine nothing. There wasn't any services at all. Plus I never did get my massage. Then the truth came out... apparently the RMT who was supposed to be assisting me never did come to work... I was thinking to myself couldn't you have told me that way back like an HOUR ago? I was the one who had to do all the foot work. I had to come find someone to find a plus size robe after the receptionist gave me that other one, I had to get my own magazine and tea.... I had to go find some slippers after they were taken from me. It was the worst experience that I had ever had and that made me more tense than ever!!! Well at the end of all that, we went up to pay at the cash for my brother's girlfriend's services and she had been given a gift certificate. Well basically they had said they'd already put it on the account. Under our names when I had said we want to speak to the manager she said she was in India and to contact the owner. When they asked me what my number was I told them they already had my information and that they could look me up into the computer. Wouldn't it make sense that if the leftover money was already in the account that the computer would have that information? Well my information was never put into the computer according to them... so I really wonder if they even put my appointment for the massage in there or the money for one as well. Had it been the fact that the money was not put into there... (or so they say through their lying eyes) I don't think I would ever be returning there and believe me... I don't think any one of you should too!

    3.26 out of 10
  • from Toronto, Ontario

    Great massage. Room was a bit cold.

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    7.77 out of 10
  • from Toronto, Ontario

    In the changeroom, there was only one shower. The door to enter the changeroom was right by the mirror, so I'm glad I realized that I needed to be fully clothed in order to put my makeup on.... And the receptionist seemed rushed. She did not give me a tour to show me where things were, I had to figure it out myself.

    5.21 out of 10