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If there’s one thing that we can universally agree upon, it’s that moms are always on the clock. Even with the rise of remote work scenarios, it’s not always easy for mothers to juggle a school run and breakfast set up along with budget reports for their boss.

And this is exactly why work from home wellness is so essential.

The process of taking breaks, giving rewards, and focusing on yourself helps to reduce stress while increasing productivity.

And what if we told you that a morning makeup session was something that you not only can do but should do? Now that we have your attention, here are the best ways for mothers to practice work from home wellness….

Set a schedule

work from home wellness standing desk

While it’s tempting to get up earlier than you need to in order to prepare your kids for school, you deserve the extra few minutes of snooze time.

On the flip side, taking too long of a lunch break or running an extensive errand can mess with your productivity.

Our suggestion? Invest in a scheduling book and keep it in front of you at all times, monitoring everything from Zoom meetings and work deadlines to softball practice and dinner reservations.

This will help you feel more in control, along with lowering your cortisol levels for less stress and more self-care. It’s an excellent start to a work from home wellness routine.

Be active

dog walking

You already know that sitting for too long isn’t good for you, and one of the best work from home wellness tips for moms is staying active throughout the day.

Those who work from home or are self-employed may have time for a midday gym break, but it’s hardly necessary.

Even just a half-hour walk alone or with your dog during your lunch break can be enough for both mental and physical stimulation.

And if your kids are home during the day or off school early, you can even involve them by kicking around the soccer ball or jumping on the trampoline!

Do your makeup

mom using laptop

This definitely doesn’t have to be a daily task, because let’s be honest…the biggest perk of remote work is being comfortable.

But taking the time once or twice a week to put on makeup, even if it’s just lip gloss and eyeliner, can make a huge difference.

It increases your confidence, particularly if you have lots of video calls, and lets you take a few minutes to treat yourself.

A touch of tinted moisturizer, mascara, and lip colour is the ideal makeup look for the working mom, as it takes only five minutes and lets you practice not only shading techniques but self-love.

Drink water

mom with water bottle and laptop

Coffee alone isn’t going to cut it as a working mom. Just like you tell your children that they need a daily dose of hydration, you must follow the same rule for work from home wellness!

Try to fill up your water bottle every couple of hours to make sure you’re hydrated, alert, and ready to do your best work. And that counts for snack breaks, too.

It’s easy to work through lunch when you’re trying to focus on both parent-teacher conferences and meetings with your co-workers, but proper sustenance is the key to self-care.

Did we mention that the better your diet and water intake, the more naturally glowing your skin will be? If that’s not enough motivation to get your H2O fix in the workplace, we don’t know what is.

Try not to work from your bedroom

work from home wellness office

It’s understandable if your bedroom is the only place you can go for privacy, but you should try to avoid working there if possible.

Why? Because heading to a home office or living room instead will shift your mindset. You’ll be less in the mindset of “I want to go back to bed” or focusing on your kid’s adorable artwork on the walls, but rather in a boss mode for increased productivity.

Your bedroom is a safe place where you deserve to not think about work, and the living room or office can be your safe haven as a working mom at home.