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During this time, you may be working from home, and it’s important to think about balance, how to stay productive and healthy.

First, let’s take a quick moment to celebrate the perks!

  • No commute necessary
  • No dress code
  • Time to take care of household errands like laundry
  • Saving money on meals, clothes and gas/metro

So now that you are in the remote working space, what should you do?

  • Create a dedicated space. This will help with discipline. Choose wisely and make it a routine. This will keep work time from overlapping onto your free time.
  • Avoid distractions by making a daily list to work through. This will optimize focus.
  • Manage your schedule. Maybe you can focus for one hour and need a 30-minute break, maybe its 30 minutes. Find your rhythm to maximize your productivity.
  • Walk your dog, do a few push-ups, stretch, meal prep. These are just some quick options to give you a little oxygen and flexibility during your day.

child with crayons

Working with kids at home:

If your children are home during this time and you need to find balance, see if your husband/wife/partner can work with you on taking care of the kids. Perhaps shifts are an option to assist with parenting and remote work.

Schedule a brain break/wiggle break with the kids. Be gentle with yourself and your kids. As stressful as it is for you, realize your kids are also feeling the same way. Maybe everything will not get done today, but less pressure will make this time easier for everyone to cope.

Work from home daily checklist:

  • Change out of your PJ’s
  • Take breaks
  • Shake your booty and stretch
  • Video conference with co-workers, friends and family
  • Call, email, text and message to communicate
  • Cook up your favourite recipes
  • Break outside to take in the fresh air (weather permitting)

Stay well, everyone.