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Woo woo or woo HOO?! The holistic practice of energy medicine, popular in Eastern culture previously raised an eyebrow or two. Skepticism resides in part because of celebrity fondness for the wellness trend of the minute (Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop series; Jennifer Aniston finding vibrations in flower essences; Michael Phelps being covered in cupping marks come to mind). Plus, there’s been a lot of confusion about what energy medicine actually entails.

We’re here to explain.

Energy Medicine Defined
What is energy medicine? According to, it is the act of channelling and manipulating the energy that courses through your body in order to heal it. Popular energy healing modalities include the wellbeing practices of reiki, acupuncture, aromatherapy, sound baths, and crystals.

Energy Medicine Roundup
We’re already beginning to see an increase in energy medicine modalities. For example, reiki is now readily available in select hospitals. As medical and wellness experts confirm the effectiveness of energy healing, a lineup of tools and technologies to optimize human energy fields have hit the market.

Reiki healer Lisa Biagetti shows what happens in a reiki session:

Kansa wand: This Ayurvedic skincare tool massages the face to stimulate circulation while also balancing the doshas and chakras.

Oska Wellness: This portable medical device uses pulsed electromagnetic fields to relieve body pain.

Bio-Well: This device “measures the state of a person’s energy field and produces an accurate assessment analysis of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual conditions.”

Red and infrared LED light therapy devices in everything from skincare and anti-ageing to joint pain and inflammation relief. The medical-grade light therapy treatments are available to the everyday consumer, as well as spas, salons and health clinics.

Reiki and Acupuncture in the Age of COVID
As we continue to seek balance, perhaps the future of medicine lies somewhere between Eastern and Western modalities, with one leaning heavily into preventive practices, while the other resides mainly in illness remedy.

In the midst of the COVID-19, practices like Quantum Reiki and virtual acupuncture to find wellbeing and relaxation are growing in popularity, so if you’re looking to increase your physical health and emotional wellbeing, might we suggest adding energy medicine to the top of your wellness list.