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February 14 is just around the corner, and any love expert knows that Valentine’s Day isn’t just about flowers and chocolates. It’s also celebrated with the best spa experiences!

There’s nothing more special than indulging in sweet massages or facials with your favourite person, whether that’s your partner, best friend, mom or yourself. Imagine this: getting pampered by the loving hands of your spa therapist as you gossip with your girl squad and sip champagne.

Or you are snacking on chocolate-covered strawberries with your spouse as you lounge in bathrobes on a luxurious spa getaway. Both scenarios are entirely possible with a lot of love and a little help from your WaySpa Gift Card, and here are some of our most-loved Valentine’s Day spa experiences to try.

Couple’s Massage – A Valentine’s Day Classic

You can’t beat a couple’s massage on Valentine’s Day, an experience that’s not a cliche, as some may say, but classic. Before you get your workout in that night (wink wink), a joint massage will help to relax your muscles and invigorate the romance for both of you.

couples massage

There are few things more sensual than watching your partner get the pampering they deserve—in fact, we think this will become your favourite date night. A couple’s massage also helps to improve physical and mental wellness, switch up your couple’s routine, and create a sense of ambiance. Need we go on?

Use your WaySpa Gift Card to gift a Valentine’s Day couple’s massage, and make togetherness your regular dose of romance!

Hint: If you or your Valentine are a spa newbie, check out our etiquette guide for helpful tips.


Sometimes the way to your heart is through a foot massage… literally! A Reflexology treatment applies pressure to specific reflex points on the foot, with the belief that this limb is a roadmap to every organ in your body.

foot massage at spa

Seriously, rubbing the heels is said to treat your pelvis and sciatic nerve. The toes, your sinuses and brain, and the middle of your foot, the stomach, pancreas, and spleen.

But for your Valentine’s Day gift treatment, you’ll want a foot massage that goes straight to the heart. Ask your technician to target your forefoot, just below the toes, which takes you on a spiritual spa journey to improved heart health.

Hint: Reflexology is a great experience if you, or your Valentine, don’t want to be unclothed and prefer to be seated during a spa treatment.

At-Home DIY Massage – Stay in this Valentine’s Day

We think an at-home massage is the definition of luxury. Picture this: you’re dressed in romantic loungewear and welcome him (or her) into a room transformed with candles, flowers, favourite scents and your special music playing in the background.

valentine's day gift massage

To elevate the experience, create a soft space to lie down, and be sure to use oil or massage lotion (NOT grapeseed-oil based as that will permanently damage your sheets). Another tip is to heat up a bowl of water and put the bottle of oil in it to warm it up. (Do not use any massage oil on erogenous zones; use lubricant for these areas. )

Afterwards, enjoy a glass of champagne or wine and toast your love. We say heavenly.

Hint: Be sure to also drink plenty of water after the massage to hydrate your bodies.

Romantic Getaways

You can’t go wrong with a mini getaway for Valentine’s Day – especially when you’re heading to some of the best hotel spas in the country to enter a new world of relaxation with your partner.

valentine's day gift getaway

We’re talking about champagne and strawberries in your room before heading to your romantic couple’s massage by day and a sensational dinner at the hotel restaurant by night. Doesn’t that sound like a dream?

Whether you live in Toronto, Vancouver, or points in between, you’ll find romantic spa getaways nearby. Just search

Hint: Use your WaySpa Gift Card to book your February 14 reservation now!