Summer is around the corner and while some people are sweating it out doing cardio classes, running and yes, still spinning, Strength Training has longer term benefits.

Heart Muscle

Like every muscle in your body, your heart needs to be challenged to strengthen itself. While cardio is often one way to manage heart health, lifting weights regulates the way your heart pumps its blood. Often people who weight lift can see a noticeable change in their heart pressure after just 30-60 days of training.

Look Better Naked

We’re all shy but it is wise to consider the mindset shift once someone grows stronger. Strength training helps you stand taller, feel more confident and yes also appear so. Some people look to the scale for validation well with strength training, the body itself tends to change. Shoulders broaden, legs grow lengthier and stronger and the waist often minimizes. Layered on muscle can give someone a physique they are proud of with the lights on or off.

Self Esteem

It’s no surprise when you look better and feel better, your self esteem boosts. People often refer to this as swag or some go as far as to say now there is an attitude. Deflect the comments and stay your course. A positive self esteem is a benefit to you no matter what others may think. At times, change requires an adjustment period. Let people take the time off and stay your course. Feeling your best is a must and putting your wellness first is a great choice.