Admit it: as the temperatures rise, so does your longing for a girlfriend’s getaway! There’s nothing more freeing than packing up the car with the promise of a fun, relaxing weekend with your favorite people. And we’re not just talking about the trip to the beach side hotel and spa, but also the sing-alongs and sweet catch-ups you’ll get on the car ride there. As they like to say, the journey is just as important as the destination. And we have a few tips to make your girl’s getaway road trip that much better. Check them out below.

Choose the right vacation spot

Are you a city slicker, beach babe, nature lover or something else entirely? These things are important to consider before booking your next girl’s getaway, as you want to ensure that everybody has a great time. The last thing you need is somebody hanging out alone in the hotel room while you go on a hike. Or even getting overwhelmed by the loudness of metropolitan life while the rest of the group goes out partying! Our best advice? Settle on a destination with a bit of everything… sand, city lights, and the serene vibes of nature. Places like this include Orlando, FL, Atlanta, GA, and practically the entire region of Southern California. 

Visit Toronto

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Don’t be afraid to mix friends

Some of us like to keep our social circles separate… work friends, childhood pals, gym buddies. But here’s the thing, mixing them might just be the best thing you’ve ever done. Inviting a new crew to your girlfriend’s getaway may change the dynamic initially but in the best way. You see, a more diverse group of people helps you create varied and very fun experiences. You may realize that you may have way more in common with your co-worker than you initially thought, forming a bond that wouldn’t have been possible without the extended invite. Meanwhile, some of your friends from different circles may hit it off immediately and create a new super squad. We can hear the group chats forming already!

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Pack the underrated essentials

Bad news alert: even if you already have your snacks, phone chargers and sunglasses, you’re probably still a little underprepared for your road trip. Don’t worry; most of us are! There are tons of underrated and incredibly useful things to pack for your hours-long journey, starting with baby wipes. They allow you to clean your hands after touching infected surfaces, like a gas pump, plus wipe off the stickiness of your delicious gas station snacks. There’s also facial tissue, which comes in handy if your allergies flare up during a particularly dusty portion of the trip. The rest of your road trip should include trash bags for a cleaner car, pain relievers to eliminate motion sickness or headaches, and Bluetooth speakers for music without reception. 

Don’t be afraid to stop

Remember what we told you earlier, that the journey is just as crucial as the destination? We meant it, and give you full permission to make all the stops you need on your road trip. Even if you can get to the hotel an hour earlier if you don’t stop to see Area 51 (shoutout to Las Vegas road trips!) or the world’s largest ball of twine (coming for you, Kansas), do it anyway. While you may be willing to get by on snacks, it can’t beat the great conversation and delicious food that comes with sitting down at the diner with your friends. Your time is precious, and you should spend it in a way that feeds your mind, body, and soul!