Somehow an entire year has passed and it’s once again time to look at New Year’s Resolutions. Maybe you had an incredible 2022 and checked off everything on your resolution list, or maybe life got in the way – and that’s okay!

To be honest, simply getting through these past few years is a win in our book and we are all better for it. That aside, resolutions shouldn’t be stressful – if anything, they are a way to reset our minds and look forward to a better year ahead.

Here are some ideas for New Year’s Resolutions you can stick to.

Focus on what makes you happy, not the way you look

We hear it every year, resolutions being made to eat better, be healthier, lose weight. And while being the healthiest version of yourself is always a great idea, focusing on it too much can become obsessive and that is not a mentally healthy way to live.

Instead, focus on a passion that makes you happy! Maybe that truly is going to the gym, or maybe it is learning to play the guitar or paint? Maybe it is finally moving forward with the side hustle you picked up during countless months of lockdown? Whatever it may be, commit to following your passions and doing what makes you happy, not what you think society expects of you (or the way you look).

Learn to Meditate

We could all use a lesson in relaxation techniques and meditation is a proven method for lowering stressors and improving overall productivity and health. There are many types of meditation out there, along with multiple apps and YouTube videos to guide you through mediations. From a short 5-minute session to longer, hour-long guided meditations.

Here is a great beginners meditation session to get started:

Take That Trip

Who doesn’t miss the joy that comes with travel? As it is safe to do so, book that trip you’ve been waiting for! Bring a friend, bring the family, or go solo and check off those bucket list destinations. Travel is a great way to learn about new cultures, learn about yourself and get away from the busyness of everyday life.

A great option for a resolution trip is a meditation or wellness retreat. Disconnecting from screens and social media is highly encouraged during these trips to truly indulge in the relaxation and avoid any news or online topics that may be stress-inducing. Check out our list of destination spas for a quick trip to reset and renew.

Keep It Positive

Last but not least, our favourite New Year’s resolution tip is to keep it upbeat. Rather than focusing on how terrible the past couple of years may have been, or what you weren’t able to accomplish, congratulate yourself on all the things you made happen and focus on what is to come. We’re hopeful this coming year will bring positive changes for all.