Adapted from Spafinder

Relaxation is key to a healthy life. It’s not only an excuse to put on a sheet mask, or head to the beach with your friends, it’s also a key component of wellness that lets you feel your best—both physically and mentally. The best relaxation exercises help you reduce the background noise and focus on recharging your mind and soul, and we can’t wait to celebrate an entire day dedicated to relaxation. With National Relaxation Day coming up on August 15, which is coincidentally also during Wellness Month, here are a few of our favourite ways to celebrate Relaxation Day in 2021 and reset your wellbeing.

Start a Home Garden

Gardening is a great activity to release stress, and literally watch the fruits of your labour come to life in the form of strawberries, lemons or herbs. If you’re a beginner or want a simpler way to grow your own food before planting a tree, try a home garden. Tools like Glow Rings and Aquaponics do a lot of the work for you… meaning you only need to set your plant by the windowsill and perform simple maintenance as you watch it grow before your eyes. You won’t only receive homegrown gifts like oregano for your spaghetti or broccoli to top off your dinner… you’ll also be rewarded in the form of relaxation, self-care, and a sense of accomplishment as you reset yourself.

Go for a Walk

It’s an oldie, but a goodie. Going on walks helps you destress by clearing your mind and also burns calories which helps with physical health. Bring friends along for a social activity or go along for some “me-time”. Plus, you can amp up your fitness by mixing in hikes with challenging hills, set speed goals and more.

Limit Screen Time

We’ve been behind electronic screens for most of the day since early 2020, whether through virtual hangouts with friends or Zoom calls for work. But sadly, too much time staring at blue light can cause issues like headaches, fatigue and skin damage from light exposure. This is why you should try and take a break from your phone and laptop on Relaxation Day (and every other day). Instead, take in the beauty of friends, flowers or fresh air (or even all three!) to help you destress and reset. The lack of screen time will be good for your skin and soul. Plus, time away from social media and work emails will also provide you with a mental break.

Book a Spa Appointment

Our personal favourite option? Turn Relaxation Day into a spa day by booking a massage, facial, mani/pedi or all of the above! Check out to see what spas and salons are closest to you and book today so you’ll be all set for National Relaxation Day.