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The hottest way to detox is here, and it’s called infrared sauna. This wellness technique is an innovative take on the traditional sweat-inducing treatment.

It provides all the benefits you’re used to from a post-workout sauna — including muscle relaxation, improved circulation, and exfoliation — with much more to enjoy.

Here’s a hint: it’s a less-messy process that puts the spotlight entirely on you. Literally. Your mind and muscles will be in top shape with regular infrared sauna sessions, and we can’t wait for you to learn more. Here is everything to know about infrared saunas…

What is an infrared sauna, and how is it different?

An infrared sauna helps you heat things up and improve your inner and outer wellness, not unlike a traditional sauna. However, the method of heating up your body from head to toe is what sets it apart. 

Sauna therapy, which has been used for centuries, heats up the air to a very high temperature for results. However, the infrared box comprises carbon panels with infrared radiation to directly heat your body and work with its natural processes.

This light is a naturally occurring wavelength that works with your body heat. Whether from a workout or simply standing in the sun, to accelerate benefits.

Infrared radiation has been compared to laying out in the sun on a hot day, as these heat lamps are typically gentle on the skin. They also penetrate human tissue more deeply than traditional saunas – which simply heat the skin’s surface – for more effective detoxing.

Infrared saunas appeal to all types of people, from those who have respiratory issues to lifelong sunbathers. And you’ll discover a new way to detox with this innovative process.

Many spas and wellness centers offer infrared sauna treatments. Plus, you can install an infrared sauna in your own home.

What are the benefits of infrared sauna?

Detoxes the body

Perhaps the most crucial aspect of infrared saunas is detoxing. As you begin to sweat, all the impurities are released from your body for inner and outer wellness. Blackheads, dead skin, and dirt? Say goodbye to the bad stuff and hello to naturally glowing skin.

At the same time, you’ll shed toxins from deeper within the body, which may result in improved metabolism, optimal organ function, and overall healthy hydration.

Improves circulation

There’s nothing that improved circulation can’t do, trust us. This process is accelerated from the moment you step into the infrared sauna — which can help to relieve joint pain, boost immunity, improve metabolism and reduce stress.

Relaxes muscles and relieves pain

Similar to how cold therapy can reduce swelling and inflammation, the heat of an infrared sauna is ideal for relaxing muscles and relieving pain. Whether you’ve just finished running or have a condition like fibromyalgia or arthritis, regular infrared therapy sessions can do wonders for your muscles.

Boosts mood

Many believe in the spiritual power of infrared saunas. And that these light beams can reach straight into the seven chakras to improve your mindfulness and mood.

Whether or not you believe in these powers, it’s an excellent excuse to hit the spa regularly! And since each chakra is based on a different part of your body, we’re not doubting the abilities of this head-to-toe sauna treatment.

Improved sleep

With less muscle pain, stress, and internal turmoil after your infrared sauna session, we can practically guarantee that you’ll be sleeping soundly. Let your body relax and get the full eight hours (or more!) of slumber it deserves — which happens to be one of the most surprising benefits of infrared saunas.

Who should get an infrared sauna treatment?

While this process is perfectly suited to everybody, it’s ideal for those who are a bit sensitive. In more ways than one. Sometimes, the moist and heavy air of a typical sauna can be tough on people with respiratory conditions like asthma.

An infrared sauna is a perfect alternative, as it will shoot lights directly into the body and is kinder to the lungs. Additionally, those with oily skin may be overwhelmed by a few blemishes after their regular sauna visit.

Do you see where we’re going with this? Infrared saunas are gentler on your mind, body, and skin while delivering even more benefits than the centuries-old sauna.

You simply need to try it! Search spas near you offering infrared sauna.