It may sound cliché, but we are not opposed to shouting from the rooftops that spring is in the air!

The time has come to transition from the dark days of winter to the bright (longer) days of spring. We can finally say hello to more sunshine and goodbye, (and good riddance) to seasonal affective disorder. Take a breath of clean, crisp air and smell fragrant flowers in bloom. And yes, put away the clunky crockpots used for winter stews, and make room for a bounty of greens and vegetables – it’s the season for salads!

Not only are salads a great way to brighten your table, they’re also a quick and easy way to get your reccomended daily intake of fibre, fruits and veggies and powerful antioxidants (vitamin C and E, folic acid, lycopene and alpha- and beta-carotene). Salads are also a great base for adding protein and fats like meat, beans and cheese – and let’s be honest, cheese makes everything better!

There is no wrong way to make a salad and no shortage of what you can add to the plate – see for yourself with this roundup of mouth-watering spring salads by some of our favourite Canadian foodies.

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