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Galentine’s Day is February 13, invented to celebrate the great female friendships in our lives. But what about men and their male friendships? Could the lack of focus on maintaining male friendships be causing a loneliness epidemic that is hurting not only men but also women?

That’s why this February, we’re encouraging you to celebrate Guy-entine’s Day and plan a day out with the boys.

The Male Loneliness Problem

It’s no secret that the world is experiencing a major loneliness problem. According to a study done by Harvard, 36% of North Americans experience serious loneliness.

And things like the pandemic only deepened those divides. The brunt of the loneliness epidemic has fallen on men. According to the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing, senior men are far more isolated than women.

This is often because socialization is not prioritized in men, who often turn to their spouses for all the socialization they need. But not having a friend group means that if your spouse leaves you or dies, you are left with no social network. Plus, being someone’s only outlet for friendship can be stressful for the woman in the relationship.

This translates to men needing to be encouraged to create and maintain male friendships for their own and their partner’s health and happiness. This is why, here at WaySpa, we’re encouraging men to take on their own Guy-entine’s Day!

Getting a Guy Group

It’s harder to build new friendships when you are an adult, but it is possible with some effort. To help boost your friend group, try turning your everyday hobbies into social events.

If you like to watch the game at home, head out and watch it at a bar or start a rotating watch party with some other fans. If you’re a dad, organize a playdate with the other dads at your school or preschool. Trust us when we say your partner will also appreciate the solo time on this one.

It will be awkward at first, but eventually, you’ll find your core group of people. It’s about putting yourself out there and seeing who is in your network. Moreover, you’ll come away from these hangouts feeling more energized, happy and heard.

Guy-entine’s Day Ideas

If you already have a solid group of male friends, then you are ahead of the curve. Now it’s time to throw together a guy-entine’s day celebration!

Embrace the cheesiness and fun of it all and buy silly presents for your boys. Host a BBQ, even give them a compliment (research shows men like to be complimented more than women and rarely hear them!)

You can buy chocolates or beers—it doesn’t really matter how you celebrate; just reach down deep and say, “Hey, I appreciate having you in my life!”

Of course, we wouldn’t be WaySpa if we didn’t recommend heading to a spa. Men now make up 50% of the spa market, with more and more wellness treatments added for men and male grooming habits. So don’t be afraid to head for a man-icure or splurge on a straight razor shave.

Or if you have a WaySpa Gift Card, gift it to your guy to try out a new workout class with buddies because endorphins plus friendship equal a pretty awesome state of mind.