We’re always looking for the latest and greatest in beauty trends – from skincare treatments and makeup looks to Botox and fillers. And while these can often be costly and involve working with a beauty professional, we’ve found a game-changing beauty tool that you absolutely MUST add to your routine (if you haven’t already).

Enter, the ice roller. A less than $20 beauty tool that is the perfect gift for yourself, your girlfriends, your kids teacher, your mom … you get the point, it is incredible. There are so many to choose from on Amazon.ca, so you really can’t go wrong.

We are speaking from experience when we say this magical gadget is worth every penny with its almost instant results, from reduced inflammation and redness to de-puffing and headache relief. The handheld tool has a cylindrical roller at the end filled with gel and water, which helps it to freeze well and stay frozen for much longer than water on its own.

Ice Roller


Stimulates Natural Glow

When applied to your skin, the ice roller helps boost circulation, bringing blood to the surface for a natural glow and in the process flushing away toxins.

Soothes Muscle Tension

For anyone who clenches and grinds their teeth while sleeping, the muscle pain through the jaw and neck can sometimes be unbearable. Use the ice roller to gently massage these areas in the same way an icepack would soothe an injury. You’ll notice quick relief here and any swelling will significantly decrease.

Calms Irritated Skin

If your skin is super red and inflamed, an ice roller is an ideal way to help it recover, especially after a facial or if you suffer from rosacea! The massage (by adding gentle pressure) will stimulate blood flow, soothe your skin, and help speed the recovery process and reduce redness. The ice rolling will also help reduce the appearance of broken capillaries as it constricts blood vessels.

Helps With Headaches

Ever had a headache you just can’t kick? Gently use the ice roller on your temples for soothing relief. between the gentle pressure and the ice, you’ll feel relaxed enough to ease some of the tension that may be causing the headache.

Fical ice-roller


Store in your freezer until you’re ready to roll. We suggest using as part of your daily skincare routine either in the mornings while getting ready, or at the end of the day as a de-stressor. No matter the time of day, make sure you’re using on a freshly cleansed, make-up free face. It is okay to apply serums and oils beforehand but let them soak in before applying the roller.

Start with your cheeks and roll outwards from your chin to your ear applying a slight pressure to aid in lift. Repeat as many times as you’d like! For an added de-puffing under your eyes, hold the roller in place for a few seconds to let the coolness sink in. On your forehead, roll up and down in a zig-zag pattern towards your hairline. You can also roll along the sides of your nose and chin/lips if those areas are inflamed or feeling puffy. We recommend using on the sides of your neck to aid in lymphatic drainage and relax tense muscles.

Roll as often as you want and give yourself around 5-15 minutes to fully appreciate the treatment. The ice roller typically stays cold for about 20-30 minutes!