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From Kim Kardashian to Beyonce, to Rita Ora and Kylie Jenner, half of Hollywood to everyone around the corner are batting their eyelash extensions with a fury. Once reserved for special occasions, eyelash extensions are now an everyday trend. Why use extensions? How does one have extensions applied? What are the important questions to ask?

You can use eyelash extensions to enhance the length, fullness, and thickness of natural eyelashes.

The application is painless and takes about an hour. Great eyelash experts are often booked. Schedule an appointment ahead of time. Most lashes are long enough that you don’t need mascara after you apply lashes. If you want mascara, try to avoid oils and definitely ask the eyelash expert as to what suggestions they might have.

Initial lash extensions range in price anywhere from $100-$250 for a full set. Depending on the brand you might have to refill anywhere from 2 weeks to one month. 8-10 weeks for a new set. Ask about recommended times for a lash refill and ultimately a replacement. Refill prices vary from $65-100.

They do not replace your eyelashes and should not harm your own eyelashes. Eyelash re-growth is normally one month so do expect to refill your extensions within that timeframe. Not all lashes are created equal. Extensions are made of a variety of materials including silk, mink, synthetic or human hair. Ask your eyelash extension expert what type is available at their salon and also ask them about the differences between them to select the one that makes the most sense for you.

Top brands are Novalash, Bella Lash, Shavasana, Crème, and Xtreme Eyelash. You might want to ask your salon which brand they carry to have an idea of the type of eyelash extension you’ll receive.

Other questions to ask: length and fullness. Remember pictures help.

To select your salon, do some research. Ask for before and after pictures, ask the salon about initial price, refills and how long before an appointment is available. Eyelash extensions are available at some salons or stand-alone salons for eyelash extensions.

To view an example of the process, watch this video: