Health and wellness advice is everywhere these days and with so many sources, it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Trying to find ways to live healthier shouldn’t be stressful, so we’ve pulled together eight Canadian Influencers we think you should follow for some wellness inspiration!

1. Beverley Cheng
Raised in Calgary, Beverley is the powerhouse behind Born to Sweat and Sweat Nation Fitness. She also shares amazing at-home workouts, recipes, and plenty of motivational posts on her Instagram so her followers feel confident and inspired to live well.

2. Jose Lopez
New dad Jose Lopez, is a Toronto-based personal trainer who shares functional fitness tips and health advice with his followers while also giving a peek into his life at home.

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3. Julie Daniluk
Nutritionist, anti-inflammatory food expert, and award-winning author Julie Daniluk is an incredible source of information for all things healthy living. Her posts provide tips for dealing with stress and other health-related issues, as well as motivational quotes and tips for the best foods to eat to feel your best.

4. Cassie Day
It’s hard not to smile when following this Toronto-based athlete, fitness personality, and founder of All Day Fit. Cassie regularly posts motivating at-home workouts and recipes to keep you feeling fit and healthy every day.

5. Saman Munir
This mother of three, not only offers sweat-inducing workouts on her platform, but she is using the space to promote and normalize Muslim women’s participation in sport. She is now a sponsored Under Amour athlete and worked with the company to produce its first athletic hijab.

6. Angela Liddon
@Oh She Glows
Canadian cookbook author Angela Liddon has amassed a celeb-like following with her crowd-pleasing vegan recipes. Her Instagram is full of great recipes, mouth-watering food photos, and even skincare tips to keep yourself glowing inside and out.

7. Brian Chan
This self-professed Yoga Warrior posts awe-inspiring photos of himself practicing yoga amidst beautiful backdrops throughout the city of Toronto and around the world. His fun and quirky captions make even the least flexible among us want to attempt these moves.

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8. Mel Offner
West-coast based new mom, Mel Offner inspires her followers to live life to the fullest and take care of their mental and physical health in the process. Set to the beautiful backdrop of BC’s Sunshine Coast, her posts show how she keeps up with her busy lifestyle as a mom, TV/podcast host, writer, and runner.

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