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It’s not just something that personal trainers tell their clients…exercise really can make skin look healthier and particularly radiant on days when you can’t get to a spa. Besides the physical health benefits of exercise – being a slim, svelte you – there are even more pros to getting in a sweat session on days when you might otherwise avoid it.

1. Increased circulation

When you exercise, your body will develop more capillaries in the skin for increased circulation to better transport oxygen and nutrition. This increased blood flow will nourish skin cells and keep them healthy. It also means that the nutritional benefits from your vegan smoothie will fast track to everywhere in your body, and you’ll boost your immunity.

2. Toxin removal

Exercise, especially that which produces sweat, can help release toxins that are in your body through the skin. These toxins – including free radicals, pollution and toxins from unhealthy food, smoking and alcohol – can now get released naturally through good old, sweat instead of a juice cleanse.

3. Endorphin power

Endorphins [from exercise] result in a more relaxed state of mind. Some people even sleep better when exercising regularly, which could lead to less illness. Since high-stress situations and lack of sleep can lead to breakouts, relaxing can quell stress, enable you to get more sleep and ultimately lead to better-looking skin all over.

Post-workout skincare tips to really improve your skin
As long as you’re getting that body moving, don’t think that you have to morph into a marathon runner to reap the skin benefits of exercise. However, some musts, whether you’re performing water activities or weight lifting, include stretching, showering and moisturizing, plus staying hydrated throughout the day.

Your pores open up while you’re working out. While it’s debatable whether or not washing your face before exercise is mandatory, you definitely should after. In the autumn and spring, not only do our sleep patterns tend to change but our hormones change as well, and you do need to adjust your skincare.

Speaking of autumn and spring, we have a few recommendations to abide by for all seasons:

  • Focus on exfoliation in spring
  • Be sure to do some deep body exfoliation or skin brushing during the winter
  • Peels and microdermabrasion are ideal during autumn
  • Lightweight moisturizers, serums, sunscreen and back facials are suggested for summer months. Back facials come particularly handy, especially when sweating during summer workouts
  • Also, always wear that sunscreen. Sunscreen is overlooked in the winter a lot, you still need to wear sunscreen in the winter, just a less-strong SPF.