It’s 100% essential to always hydrate but now it’s also a beauty hack. With the sizzling heat just around the corner, your mind and body will soon beg for moisture in every form and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Over half of our bodies are made up of water. It’s a crucial substance that keeps us looking and feeling our best. Keeping up with hydration is the key to glowing skin, improved health, and so much more.

Do you need more convincing? Here are just a few ways to soak up the moisture magic all summer! 

Drink more water (with a side of fruit!)

We know what you must be thinking. “Drink more water? Duh!” But sometimes it’s easier said than done. While reaching for lemonade or coffee during your pool dates may be tempting over simple water, trust us when we say that the benefits are worth the trade. Healthy skin, here we come! Plus, more lubricated joints, a more functional digestive system, more energy…need we continue? There are also ways to make your drink more fun, such as squeezing a lemon wedge or apple slice into your liquid for a fruity and refreshing way to sip on a summer day.  


Prepare for the holy grail of hydrating skin treatments…the Hydrafacial! This technique is quite literally like a tall glass of water for your complexion, a process that leaves you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and oh-so-ready for summer. It also strikes the perfect balance between exfoliation and hydration, helping you to remove blackheads and beyond without stripping your skin of essential moisture. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. 

Hydrafacials consist of four steps in one session. Your technician will first cleanse and exfoliate, before giving you a gentle chemical peel to vacuum and extract grime. Lastly, they’ll top off with a hydrating serum to give your pores a reason to party. What more could you possibly ask for? This leaves you with the quintessential back-from-the-beach glow that symbolizes the most healthy and hydrated skin.

Treat yourself to a Vitamin IV

What started off as an A-list and Instagram-favorite treatment has become one of the most effective, accessible wellness treatments in the world. And we’ll never stop gushing over the power of a Vitamin IV! These cocktails are made with vitamins and minerals that solve everything from hangovers to period cramps. However, it’s especially helpful for a quick boost of hydration.  

Since IVs are injected directly into your bloodstream, 100% of the nutrients are delivered straight into your body faster than oral consumption. You can be completely dehydrated (though we’d never recommend it!) one moment and bouncing with moisture the next. And we love how IV therapy has become the ultimate wellness essential for skincare, self-care, and so much more. 

Eat hydrating foods

When drinking water just isn’t enough, why not eat it, too? There are plenty of summer-ready, super-hydrating foods to provide you with a delicious dose of moisture magic. The first one is, you guessed it, watermelon! With a whopping 92% water content, this seasonal fruit is hydrating and packed with fiber, magnesium, Vitamin C, and more. It’s also very low in calories, so you can snack on it nonstop without guilt! More hydrating foods include strawberries, peaches, oranges, and lettuce. Which one will you have at the top of your summer hydration grocery list?

Make hydration a competition 

Life is a marathon, not a sprint, except when summer hydration is involved! A little friendly competition can help you, plus your friends and family, achieve their water-drinking goals. How often will you and your co-workers fill up their reusable water bottles at the office? Make it a contest and award the most hydrated person with a gift card or extra vacation day. Does somebody in your family have a tendency to drink too much soda instead of H2O? Hold them accountable by nudging them towards the bottled water cooler in the garage, and then offer them a celebratory beer at the end of the month! Like a group fitness competition, a hydration challenge can be a great experience for moisture magic and major bonding with your besties.