Are you searching the Internet in a blind sweat because you forgot a birthday, anniversary, or the all-important Mother’s Day? Do you need a last minute gift that can be sent directly to the recipient’s email? Is reading this paragraph stressing you out to the point that you need your very own spa day? Well, for all of these reasons and more, look no further than a WaySpa Gift Card!

The Nuts and Bolts of a WaySpa Gift Card

Whether you have received a WaySpa Gift Card or consider gifting one, it would be helpful to know what exactly it is. WaySpa Gift Cards are a universal gift card that is accepted at thousands of spas, fitness studios and wellness centers. Visit your neighborhood massage hot spot or take the WaySpa Gift Card on the road and splurge on a wellness destination vacation. With a WaySpa Gift Card, you can find the right location and the right spa for you. 100% of the time.

How to Purchase a WaySpa Gift Card

WaySpa Gift Cards are available online for purchase. Opt to have the gift certificate mailed directly to the lucky person or you can email them a digital copy. The emailed version can be either sent to them immediately or scheduled to be sent on a different date.

WaySpa Gift Cards can also be purchased in some retail locations such as grocery stores where gift cards are available. The gift cards never expire so you can always keep a few in your gifting closet for those last minute moments. You never know when your son decides to bring a girlfriend to Christmas as a surprise. Or when you are in need of a stellar hostess gift? These WaySpa Gift Cards are a big hit no matter who you are gifting them to.

The perk of the online WaySpa Gift Card shop is you can personalize the gift card to any event. We offer tons of designs created to celebrate birthdays, holidays, weddings, graduations, or even enjoying a wellness break. Just select the design you like and send it off to your loved one. They will be sure to love any option you pick.

Who Wants a WaySpa Gift Card

While Mother’s Day still reigns supreme when it comes to spa gift certificates, it’s not just hard working moms who appreciate a trip to the spa. The wellness industry is booming as more and more people consider self-care mandatory. The public recognizes that wellness isn’t a luxury but, in fact, a reason for living.

Some schools even utilize yoga as a tool to regulate emotions for kids and wellness has been top of mind for just about everyone on your list.

So don’t limit yourself to the usual suspects when you are considering gifting a WaySpa gift card. Get creative! Sure, moms, grandmas, wives, and girlfriends will love a WaySpa gift card. But consider it a great option for employee appreciation, school raffles, or even as a groomsman’s gift.

How Much to Gift on a WaySpa Gift Card

WaySpa Gift Cards can be purchased in any amount between $25 and $500. While any amount is appreciated, consider the person you are buying it for and the treatment. A $25 gift card is ideal for a new friend or someone who just wants a discovery treatment at a salon. They also work for to try out a group Pilates class or yoga. But for a popular treatment like a massage or facial, $100 is the gold standard.

According to Trip Savvy, price will vary depending on the spa and location but here is the range you can expect

$50 to $75: spa manicure, pedicure, or waxing

$100 to $150: massage, facial, or body treatment

$125 to $150: Specialty massage like a hot stone massage

$200 to $350: Two or more services at most spas

$350 and up: Half-and full-day packages

Resort and wellness spas are more expensive, and luxury urban hotel spas are usually more pricey.

WaySpa Gift Cards can be meant to cover the entire spa treatment or be used to supplement the cost. The choice is up to the receiver.

Been Gifted a WaySpa Gift Card? Here’s How to Use It!

Once you have chosen your treatment and spa, let them know at the time of booking that you plan to use a WaySpa gift card. Double check with the spa about using your gift card on the rare occurrence that there’s been a recent policy change in regards to your WaySpa gift card. But once you are at your appointment, feel free to use your gift certificate just like cash. 

As for gratuity, if you plan on using your WaySpa Gift Card to tip, be sure to double check with the establishment to make sure that it’s allowed. 

WaySpa Locations Near Me – How to Find

WaySpa gift cards are universal gift cards that are eligible to be redeemed at thousands of spas all over the world. But that doesn’t mean you have to use them to book a fancy wellness vacation. (Although you definitely can!) You can book a spa treatment right in your own backyard. To find WaySpa locations near you, just head to and enter the treatment or the services on the left rail you are interested in. Voila! Local spas that specialize in the treatment you choose and that accept WaySpa Gift Cards will pop up all around you.

You can then narrow the mileage radius to really zero in on what’s closest to you. You can rank by star rating and you can filter to find only the spas that are running deals for WaySpa customers.

Pick your spa and make an appointment! It really is that simple.

Destination WaySpa Locations – How to Find

If you are thinking about using your WaySpa Gift Card at a location that is not near you but maybe while on a vacation or to get some self-care on a business trip, then simply change the location to wherever you’re headed and book your dream wellness experience.

Here’s a tip from us—if you have a stressful trip coming up, go ahead and book that spa treatment. It will give you something to look forward to and give you a break to separate and recenter yourself before heading back into the stress.

If you need some help choosing a location, look to our travel guides to help you pick the best spa and locale. Check out these WaySpa location roundups with the best spas in specific towns, the best spas for wedding and bachelorette parties, and the best spas for girlfriend getaways. If you have a spa trip in mind, WaySpa can help you find it.

Not a Spa Person? Not All WaySpa Locations are Spas!

If all the rest and relaxation that goes along with a spa isn’t your thing, then rest assured there’s other possible WaySpa options for you to use up that gift card. WaySpa Gift Cards are eligible at a variety of fitness studios that specialize in Pilates, creative workouts, or hot yoga. That way you can sweat out your toxins, increase your endorphins and improve your mental health all at once. Whether you are sweating in a sauna or in a cardio boxing workout, WaySpa has you covered.