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The year 2022 is almost here, and we’re ready to discover a new way of wellness! From beauty and fitness to food and travel, these trends help to boost your health in an incredible way. What exactly is helping these wellness trends gain momentum? Well, the pandemic definitely still plays a role – as people aspire to practice wellness and healthy routines and they continue to work from home. And then there’s the fact that every feature of your body deserves its own self-care routine. As we begin a new year, read up on the 2022 wellness trends that everybody is talking about.

Clean Beauty: More Specific, More Sustainable

While “clean beauty” has been a buzzword for years, it’s also been a bit vague. What precisely entails a 100% clean makeup and skincare brand? And which ingredients should you be targeting for clear and healthy skin? These questions will be answered in 2022 as the wellness industry takes a more transparent approach towards clean beauty. As a result, the labels and ingredients for your favourite beauty products will be infinitely clearer! And this will help you try products made from the purest ingredients. However, consider that every skin type is unique, with some reacting better to hyaluronic and lactic acids while others take kindly to anti-aging Retinol. Whatever you choose, one thing is certain: your clean beauty routine will be more honest and effective than ever in 2022.

Mindful Menstruation

Sync your way to a greater sense of wellness while on your period. In their annual list of beauty and wellness trends, Pinterest stated that “Mindful menstruation” will reign supreme. While syncing your cycle is nothing new, there are now countless apps, medications, and self-care activities that help you manage symptoms and treat your period like an old friend rather than an inconvenience. Are you aware of the difference between a follicular and luteal phase? Or, which types of exercises you should partake in to reduce pain? You will be with the best period starter kits—along with menstruation apps like Eve by Glow, Ovia, and MyFLO.

Gut Health

Searches for “gut health” were up by 83% in 2021, demonstrating the power of probiotics and a wellness trend that never goes out of style. Your gut is the system that helps to absorb energy and nutrients. It also maintains a healthy balance of bacteria which provides endless health benefits. In fact, proper gut health contributes to nearly every aspect of wellness, including brain and heart health, balanced moods, a regular sleep schedule, and prevention of serious diseases. Add in the fact that gut health is commonly linked to a clear, flawless complexion, and you have one of the best wellness trends of 2022. You can improve your gut health with the help of probiotics, a form of live bacteria that you ingest topically to balance the gut microbiome.


Say goodbye to three-hour lifting sessions, and hello to low-intensity workouts that help you feel healthy and happy. “Flexercise” is another wellness trend predicted by Pinterest for 2022, and derives its name from flex-worthy workouts like yoga and Pilates. Basically, flexercise is the most mellow way to move your body while boosting your immune system and inner wellness. Many have chosen to avoid gyms since the beginning of the pandemic, instead choosing low-intensity workouts like stretching, brisk walks, and virtual workouts that let you do yoga right from your living room.

Solo Travel

We’ve told you about girls’ getaways to the spa, but one of the top 2022 wellness trends is a bit more bold: solo travel. There are dozens of benefits to a weekend trip (or even longer!) by yourself. These include the chance to get to know yourself better and see what you want to see, when you want to see it. You will also meet interesting people, and receive a boost of wonder and wellness. You can get any massage you’d like at a new spa, without needing to consult the girls first. And then there are the gorgeous sights that you can discover all by yourself, becoming more confident in your independence and unveiling a new sense of wellness. Whether you’re heading out for the weekend or taking a monthlong trek, we recommend trying solo travel for your wellness journey in 2022!