There’s a pervasive myth that relaxing means you’re being lazy. Taking a break actually allows our bodies, minds, and souls to reset and become more productive, smarter, and discover what’s ultimately important. So, say no to chores, to-do lists, and shoulds and ease into a fun and healthy day (or more!) of doing very little.

Start Your Day With a Morning Meditation
Whether you have kept up a regular practice or been meaning to start, meditation is a perfect way to start your day of relaxation. On the plus side, meditation has been known to help with a number of other wellness factors in addition to reducing stress and anxiety (and that’s enough!). Experts say a daily meditation practice can boost our immune systems, reduce bowel issues and increase focus. Try this one from Goop:

Get in a Healthy Meal
Cooking can be soothing to the soul but often our busy schedules don’t allow us to enjoy ourselves in the kitchen. Too often we just eat as fast as we can while juggling a million other things. Why not indulge in a fun, colourful, healthy spa-inspired meal at home? You might find a new favourite recipe or start a new hobby that can bring you endless joy and save you money on take-out.

What’s Next? Om, Yeah – Yoga
If you are in need of decompression, your spine probably also needs some TLC. Why not dust off that yoga mat and do a short routine? Your body and mind will love you for it. We love all the classes from Yoga with Adriene, especially this one for concentration and mental focus.

Treat Yourself to an At-Home Spa Experience
Odds are you probably haven’t hit the spa in a bit, so why not bring the spa to you? Google DIY spa treatments and give yourself a spa-worthy mani/pedi, hydrate with luxurious spa water or detox with a citrus body scrub that will make you feel like a million bucks.

Get a Good Night Rest
Don’t be afraid to hit the hay early – you probably need a good night’s rest. Sleep, just like relaxation, is something we just don’t prioritize even though it might be our key to health, happiness and longevity. Check out these 12 tips on how to get better sleep and be sure to crawl into bed and indulge.