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We’ve all been told, “Don’t sweat it,” but when it comes to skin sweat can be good. Really good. The trick is to take care of your skin after you perspire and not let impurities and dirt build-up or settle back in your pores. We think these tips will help you reap the benefits of sweating – and leave your complexion with a natural glow.

The Science of Sweat
Sweat is natural. Our sweat glands cool our bodies and help us maintain a healthy body temperature. In addition, sweat clears toxins and is a normal response to stress and anxiety. And while we don’t want to see sweat on our favourite dress, it’s something we need to do regularly because sweat performs essential body-cleansing functions.

Interestingly, sweat actually has no odour. We get stinky when bacteria on our skin mix with sweat, producing a strong smell.

The Spa–Sweat Connection
Spas around the globe recognize the benefits of sweating and encourage guests to relax in increasingly elaborate saunas and steam rooms. (In fact, we think one of the most healing elements in a spa treatment is time spent in one of these soothing oases.)

In addition, more spas are incorporating sweat lodges and ancient practices such as Mexican Temazcal in their experiences, inviting people to cleanse their bodies, minds and spirits. Sweat-inducing hot springs, one of the oldest spa experiences in the world, continue to heat up as people, countries and developers discover the health and economic benefits. And then there are hot yoga classes, hot fitness classes and hot Pilates … all designed to help us sweat more and flush fat and toxins from our bodies.

Sweat the Small Stuff
Okay, so we know sweat is necessary and has proven benefits. However, letting sweat sit on our skin after a workout or sauna can cause problems. When the grime flushed from our pores by perspiration settles back into the skin, it’s a breeding ground for breakouts and rashes, not to mention infections. Therefore, it’s important to incorporate these simple steps into your healthy sweat routine:

  • First, cleanse your face, and if possible, your body, immediately after you build up a sweat. The face part is easier: carry cleansing wipes in your gym bag or purse, or pack sample or travel sizes of your favourite skin cleanser.
  • Next, commit to wearing no makeup when you’re working out or spa-ing. If you’re not ready to go natural, cut back and avoid pore-clogging items like powder and heavy foundations. You don’t want to clog the pores that you’re trying to cleanse!
  • Finally, after you remove the sweat and toxins, enhance your glow with a refreshing mist or toner like the classic Evian Spray. They feel so good–and isn’t that what it’s all about?