If a rejuvenating Nordic spa experience is on your wish list, Strøm Nordic Spa surely will not disappoint.

With four locations in Quebec (who we can thank for leading the way with outdoor thermal spas decades ago—the province is home to over a dozen Nordic spas!), Strøm offers the benefits of the thermal experience as well as massage therapy, beauty treatments and gastronomy.


Opened in 2009, Strøm was founded on the idea of combining Nordic spa and urbanity for a relaxing experience. This balance is achieved through facilities in nature being just minutes from urban centres. 

Evoking both the force and tranquillity of water, the Scandinavian word Strøm denotes a current and, figuratively, water’s extraordinary strength, constant movement and energy, as well as its serenity. 

Strøm communicates the power of water, whose essence, channelled, profoundly nourishes and transforms, and it conveys a source of purity that regenerates inner balance and harmony.

The Thermal Experience

Strom Nordic Spa Mont-Saint-Hilaire Pool

Practiced for thousands of years, thermotherapy is a wellness ritual based on the use of heat for therapeutic purposes.

Alternating between hot (whirlpools, baths, saunas and steam rooms) and cold temperatures (cold plunge baths and waterfalls) followed by deep relaxation indoors or out, the thermal experience has many benefits.

Feasible twelve months a year, rain or shine, it helps to reduce stress and revive the body and mind.

Benefits of Thermotherapy

  • Elimination of toxins
  • Improvement of the skin’s elasticity
  • Improvement of the cardiovascular system
  • Stimulation of the immune system
  • Improvement of the general well-being
  • Improvement of athletic performances

Massotherapy Treatments

Strom Spa Massage

Strøm also offers a wide array of massotherapy treatments adapted to specific needs, all provided by certified massage therapists:

  • Swedish relaxing
  • Swedish therapeutic
  • Swedish absolute with warm essential oils
  • Deep tissue
  • Hot stone therapy
  • Relaxation through foot reflexology
  • Shiatsu 
  • Thai massage
  • Lomi-Lomi
  • Prenatal


Strom Spa Nord Cuisine

Strøm’s restaurants (Nord restaurants and Fika café) offer tasty, boreal-inspired cuisine that highlights local artisans and fresh regional products.

Menus differ at each location and change with the seasons. Reservations are usually required upon arrival at the spa.

Strøm Nordic Spa Nuns’ Island

The Strøm Nordic Spa on Nuns’ Island is a peaceful haven hidden away just a few minutes from downtown Montreal offering facilities that are in harmony with the vastness of nature.

This destination is deeply rooted in a holistic vision of beauty and well-being: a selection of treatments, massage therapy, evolutionary cuisine, authentic rituals and a well-being pause on the dock overlooking the Lac des Battures.

In addition to being Strøm’s first location, it is also a place that perfectly combines nature and urbanism. It is hard to believe that it is so close to downtown!

Strøm Nordic Spa Old Quebec

The newest Strøm Nordic Spa was built in the midst of a location rich in history. The vastness and power, but also the tranquillity of the St. Lawrence River, give the site the feeling of a little escape.

Thoughtful architectural views harmonize with the richness of the site, where North America’s largest flotation bath is surrounded by candles and filled with light music that can be heard underwater, bringing the floating experience closer to meditation.

With an infinity pool for contemplation, a steam bath made of marble, and a feeling of intimacy in the air, the experience peaks with the indoor/outdoor bath and unique flowing river, a journey between darkness and light.

Strøm Nordic Spa Mont-Saint-Hilaire

Built in the heart of the Gault Nature Reserve in the Montérégie region, this location offers moments of contemplation where silence is golden.

The magnificent windows and refined lines highlight a wild and abundant nature. Well-being is at the centre of this elegant and charming relaxation space where the beauty of nature meets with vernacular architecture. 

With its panoramic view of Mont Saint-Hilaire, outdoor pool, salt exfoliation area and innovative relaxation rooms, this spa is, no surprise, the most popular in the region.

Strøm Nordic Spa Sherbrooke

The choice of raw and noble materials, the pure lines, and the cohesion between form and function are the characteristics of the Strøm Nordic Spa in Sherbrooke, located on the shores of Magog river.

Unifying the building with the landscape, this healing place near the city centre makes it easy to get away and unwind.

In summer, you can enjoy the dock, the beach and a large sunny terrace. In winter, you wrap yourself in a fur blanket for a cozy moment around the fireplace. A Nordic experience without a doubt approved by hygge lovers.

All photos courtesy © Bianca Des Jardins for Strøm