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It seems like nearly every wellness ad hypes juices, pills and supplements that promise to unlock the untapped energy that has been blocking you. The truth is most of those too good to be true products are exactly that – too good to be true. But here’s good news. There is something you can do to unlock more energy and transform your physical and mental wellbeing – Kundalini Yoga. And you can reap the benefits in just three minutes a day.

How Kundalini Yoga Can Transform Your Life
What is Kundalini Yoga and why is it such a powerful tool to battle our daily woes? This ancient practice operates on the simple premise of opening your heart and simply breathing. It’s meant to stimulate and calm your nervous system through meditation, stretching and breathing–and even a three-minute-long session daily can contribute to huge rewards.

As Mind Body Green[1] thoughtfully describes, think of your nervous system as electrical wiring. Just like you can’t run 200 volts through a 20-volt cable, you can’t manage near-constant anxiety and stimulation overload at the levels we are currently experiencing. Our nerves are fried, having short-circuited over and over again, and we need something to flip the circuit breaker of our minds.

Reboot With a Breath of Fire
To reboot our systems, look no further than the Kundalini yoga practice of Breath of Fire. Sit in an easy pose with your hands resting on your knees with the tips of your index finger and thumb touching – it’s the exact pose of the meditation emoji on your phone. Then keep your eyes closed and focused at the brow point and breathe even inhales and exhales through your nose. They should be strong and rapid breaths. End it with a deep inhale, full-body stretch and long exhale.

Begin your Kundalini Yoga practice with Brett Larson in this video.

Or, Take a Cold Shower
According to Kundalini practitioners, another option is a cold shower. Yes, that’s exactly what it sounds like. Cold showers are a type of hydrotherapy and a basic yogic technique. Just three minutes in a cold shower will improve your skin, erase wrinkles, ease depression and boost immunity. Plus you can save money on your morning coffee with this brisk morning wake up routine.

Hit the Pause Button With Kundalini
The truth is Kundalini Yoga is about taking the time, even just a few minutes, to de-stress and find a moment of relaxation. Our culture is all about the go-go-go and we often think the “cure” to our stress is to just push through it. But sometimes, hitting the pause button and taking a moment to breathe with purpose and intention is the best antidote. And as many of us spend our days hunched over the computer with our hearts closed off to the world, opening up our heart with a few simple yoga poses can do a world of good for our bodies, our minds and our self- confidence.

Give Yourself a Break
The world is never going to give you a break unless you take one yourself. You will always have another email or just one more errand to run. So we suggest trying a short Kundalini Yoga practice. It will energize you for the other tasks on your to-do list. And allow your brain to restart and rewire your nervous system for the better.

[1] MindBodyGreen, “I Tried Kundalini Yoga. Here’s Everything You Need To Know,” Leigh Weingus