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Once upon a time, people enjoyed a professional blowout the few days a year when they had their hair cut and styled. But with the advent of blow-dry bars, getting a blowout is as easy and affordable as having a manicure. In fact, these fun beauty bars have revolutionized how we prepare for weddings, parties or just the workweek.

Getting your hair professionally blow-dried is a look that’s hard to beat–perhaps that’s why so many women have mastered the post-salon car selfie? It gives your hair body and shape in ways that are hard to recreate at home where your time–and ability to grow extra arms–is limited. In addition, your hair will be glossy, smooth, shiny and full of volume. Blow-dry bars have created an easy way to recreate the confidence and bounce of a professional haircut as often as you would like. Plus, with extras like hair masks, scalp massages and braids, you can pamper and customize your hair to your heart’s content.

The Queen of the Blow Dry
While not the originator of the blowout only salon, U.S.-based Drybar has positioned itself ahead of the competition with the slogan, “No Cuts. No Color. Just Blowouts.” Founder Alli Webb wanted the experience to be fun and decided to lean into a social bar vibe. Here’s how it works: customers face away from the mirror and sit in a U-shape communal space, which encourages conversation. In addition, Drybar names all blowouts after cocktails–keeping the party vibe going. It’s easy to see why Drybar now has its own line of products at Sephora and on QVC.

Expand Your Search
A simple search on for locations that offer blowouts yielded salons across Canada all offering professional blow-dries. Plus, don’t forget to search for at-home services as well–because getting a blowout without the hassle of parking and leaving the house is just pure bliss.

Extend Your Blowout
To make your blowout last all week (and some claim up to ten days), just follow these easy steps. For the first two days, don’t use any product at all. We know this might be difficult as products might be tempting but avoid weighing down your hair with anything extra. On day three, break out the product and add some dry shampoo. On day four, try out some dry conditioner. This acts a little differently than shampoo as you focus on your ends rather than your roots. On day six, hit your hair with some volume spray as you head into the final stretch of your blowout. Try sleeping on a satin or silk pillowcase as well since it’s better for the hair. And, of course, don’t avoid showering for seven days! Just throw your hair up into a shower cap when you do.