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Calling all skeptics – there must be something in the power of centuries-old spiritual techniques.

Have you ever heard of mala beads, reiki, and tarot cards? The uses of these mystic mantras have vastly transformed over the years, from meditation and healing energies to entertainment purposes.

However, they’ve been a crucial relaxation technique for every generation, and you simply need to know why they’ve endured.

The definition of the word “mantra” is “a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation.” And actions often speak louder than words. If you thought only psychics at the county fair used tarot cards or were doubting the abilities of reiki, think again.

Here’s what you need to know about mystical mantras and the positive energy they could bring into your life:

Mala Beads

mala beads for mantras

Are you in the mood for your most concentrated meditation session yet, while getting complimented on your jewelry in the process? Look no further than Mala beads.

They’ve been traced back for decades in Hinduism and Buddhism practices and are often compared to a rosary. However, they’re also used by non-religious individuals. Any spiritual practice, such as meditation or prayer, is believed to be boosted with Mala beads in your hand. There are many theories about why they’re known to increase mindfulness, but the most common is in the design.

Mala bracelets and necklaces typically have 108 beads, with one “guru” bead leading the pack. This number is very sacred in Hinduism. And according to Vedic cosmology, 108 is “the basis of creation, represents the universe, and all our existence.”

It’s a lot of pressure on these beautiful beads. But also reminds you that you quite literally have your future in your hands. You can hold your Mala beads while practicing your best meditations or mantras. And even chant your favourite affirmations 108 times as a tribute to this beloved Hindu practice.


reiki treatment

Reiki is the art of gentle touch, a healing technique that releases stress, anxiety, and blockages from your body and provides ultimate peace. It’s kind of like a massage at the spa. Except that you lay face up as your healer transfers energy instead of deep-kneading.

A trained Reiki technician will clear your energy in a simple one-hour session, calling on both their own and your spiritual guides. You tell them your goals before you enter the room, whether you’re hoping to stop bad patterns or heal blockages between your body and spirit. And then you get to leave feeling lighter both mentally and physically.

As for where the “mystic mantra” aspect comes in, that’s up to you. Well + Good identifies five Reiki principles. You can say them out loud during your session, simply think them, or save them for the future to reinforce your positive energies post-Reiki.

They all follow the “Just for today” idea, reminding you to be humble, less angry, less worrisome, and more compassionate towards yourself and others as you earn your living honestly.

Find a WaySpa partner near you offering reiki and give it a try!

Tarot Cards

tarot cards

Tarot cards are perhaps the most commonly known mantra technique on this list. But they’ve become a party trick of sorts. Spiritual people are known to guide their friends and family, and perhaps even tell the future, with these decks.

And while this may seem scary initially, it’s not a reason to stay away from the art of tarot. There are many different types of decks to choose from depending on your goals, ranging from manifestation to relationships to career goals. And you can’t go wrong with a mantra set.

Healing mantra cards are divided into four suits: wands, swords, pentacles, and cups. Pulling one card a day, or possibly more, will help uncover the words to realign your energy and elevate your lifestyle.

If you’re at a crossroads in life, these healing tarot cards can take you in the right direction. Discover your must-have mantra through the power of tarot and carry it into the future for your best energy, ever.