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September marks the beginning of autumn, school is (somewhat) back in session, and the holidays are just around the corner. And yes, while sweater-weather and endless pumpkin-spiced goodies are mighty tempting, fall is also the perfect time to get a personal project underway. Because…September is National Self Improvement Month! If you’re unsure of how or what to tackle, here are a few ideas to consider:

Money Money Money
Popular self-improvement methods online often come with a side of consumerism. Magazines, gurus and websites will tell you that your life will be perfect once you purchase the item they are selling. But in actuality, skipping impulsive purchases and being in control of your finances can be very freeing–and bring a lot of peace of mind. Sure, you have to ignore your ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ impulses and say no to a few outings or shopping sprees. However, you’ll soon you’ll find that you don’t miss those trips and items. This September, try a no shopping month or give yourself a no-take-out challenge – these small changes can mean big savings and a big mental health boost.

Go All In
Baby steps can be good for some people but don’t dismiss making multiple lifestyle changes all at once. Sometimes pulling off the band-aid can shock your brain into becoming a healthier brain. Of course, a few of those bad habits might sneak back into your life. However, trying to be a healthier, happier person overall means you are more likely to achieve at least some of your goals instead of starting small, potentially failing and then giving up altogether.

Find a Support System
Be loud and proud of your newfound self-improvement goals and you’ll be more likely to keep them. When your friends and family know you are making some big life steps, they will ask about your progress and help you keep on track. Plus, you’ll be more motivated to accomplish your goals because your pride is on the line. And in fact, talking about what you’d like to improve in your own life might inspire them to open up about what they would like to improve in theirs. You might be surprised to find that you aren’t so alone in your desire to eat healthier, live better and be more present.

We all can use a little self-improvement in our lives. Why not use National Self Improvement Month to inspire us to get moving and – dare we say – improving?