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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. However, while you may have learned and studied how to write those thousand words, odds are you never were taught how to take the perfect picture.

Fear not. Learn how to capture Instagram-worthy images with every click of your camera with these three simple tips.

Position, Position, Position

You might have seen those photos of trainers who post two photos side-by-side of their bodies. One looks great and the other looking, well, rather lumpy. But you know it’s the exact same body and even the same outfit. That’s because all you need to do for a fantastic photo is to know your angles!

How to pose for photos:

  • Separate your legs to thin them out and create a nice silhouette
  • If you are worried about your arms, lift them away from your body to create a sleek profile
  • Eliminate double chins by lifting your face towards the camera
  • Get rid of jowls by keeping your tongue on the roof of your mouth while taking the photo — instant facelift!
  • Stand up straight and angle your shoulders to the camera for a powerful look
  • Choose high-waisted, well-fitting clothing to give you sleek lines rather than hiding your body in large, oversized outfits.

For more tips, check out this YouTube video from model Emily DiDonato on how to properly pose for photos.

Find Your Light

Knowing what lighting works for a great photo can make all the difference. Harsh direct sunlight is no one’s friend. Instead, opt for filtered light early in the morning or at dusk (aka magic hour for photography).

Never put yourself between the camera and the sun and take your picture away from the sun. Sure, it might mean you will get your sun in your eyes for a moment but the photo will be worth it.

When inside, consider using an artificial light source like a ring light to help brighten your face and add a glamorous, I-just-got-a-facial glow. But for a cheap stunning photoshoot, natural light is hard to beat.

Here’s a low-cost lighting tip. You can make your own light bounce board with a piece of paper or poster board. The white bounces the sun back onto your face creating a brighter glow.

Utilize a Filter

We’ve all seen those photos that are photoshopped beyond recognition. You definitely want to avoid that look! But some light photo editing can be just what the doctor ordered.

There are apps that can whiten your teeth, erase your wrinkles and brighten your skin. And sometimes just applying a filter can give you a bit of a confidence boost—so why not indulge? Just stop yourself before you erase your nose.