There has been no shortage of pop culture moments between the last (official) Halloween and now. Two years of costume-inspiration built up to produce what is sure to be an epic Halloween full of top-notch costumes.

What’s your go-to Halloween style? Do you plan all year with your family and friends for the perfect couple and group costumes? Are you sourcing the internet  for the perfect on-trend costume? Or do you live for a classic Halloween witch to really set the mood? We’ve pulled together some of our favourite costume ideas of the year to help inspire you this Halloween to dress up as someone else for a night and live your best life! We also included an idea for your furry pal!  See below:

Best Couple Costume
Ken and Barbie – An Instant Classic!

Best Family Costume
Hocus Pocus

Pop-Culture Icon
Kim K at the Met Gala

Cute … but Terrifying!

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And the best for last …

Best Pet Costumes
Buzz and Friends

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Have a safe and happy Halloween!