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Grooming can be fun, but there’s one aspect that can instill fear in both men and women. We’re talking about removing hair “down there.”

Whether you call it manscaping, a Brazilian, or simply waxing the goods, this process is very personal. The good news? It’s definitely not as scary as it sounds, and removing hair from the pubic area isn’t too different than the rest of your body.

You simply need the right tools and methods to look groomed and gorgeous. We have a few tips to help you look and feel better than ever down there.

Don’t forget to prep before shaving

Your skin down there is sensitive, and the last thing you need is ingrown hairs and cuts. The solution is knowing how to prepare. And this quick, three-step process makes everything way easier.

  1. The first step is to trim the hair with scissors before going in with a razor, as the shorter the strands the better the shave. Cut down to hair that’s about a quarter of an inch long for best results.
  2. Next, use the same exfoliant you use on your face to deep clean your pubic area and remove things like dirt, oil, and sweat. The hair follicle opens up during shaving, making the skin more susceptible to bacteria. An exfoliant will eliminate dead skin and other unsightly things before you begin your grooming session.
  3. After you’re finished deep-cleaning, grab your shaving cream and get ready to groom!
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Never use a dull razor

A sharp, fairly new razor is essential for both men and women who shave their pubic hair. Reusing the same dull razor is not only unsanitary but also does a lesser job of eliminating hair. 

In fact, you may want to consider a separate one just for “down there.” A new razor will help to remove hair on the first glide for both men and women, ensuring that they don’t have to repeat sections. It will also help you avoid cuts and nicks for a pain-free process.

Brazilian waxes are meant for boys, too

Brazilian waxes have been popular with the ladies for decades, with most of the hair on the bottom half being removed. But with the rise of male grooming and manscaping, the boys are also discovering the incredible benefits of a Brazilian!

This waxing technique removes hair from the scrotum, perineum, and anal region, leaving you almost entirely bare. While the hairless look is definitely not for everybody, there are significant benefits to consider. There are less sweat, itchiness, and odours to be concerned with, along with ingrown hairs.

And guys, if you like your Brazilian wax enough, also ask your esthetician to wax the chest for the ultimate manscaping session.

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Ladies, choose your style

You’ve experimented with countless styles and hues for the hair on your head, but did you know that you could do the same thing down there?

Many believe that there are only two options, completely bald or au natural, and it’s simply not true. There’s the landing strip, a rectangular patch of hair that’s sleek, sexy, and simple. You can experiment with designs like the Martini Glass or Bermuda triangle, or make one all your own with a lightning bolt, heart, or star.

Since these designs are more complex, you should begin by getting your pubic hair groomed by a professional to avoid uneven shapes and annoying nicks. As time goes on, you can use your tools to practice your pubic designs like the artist you are!