Adapted from, by Celeste Hilling

Spring!! With the new season, it’s likely you are thinking about spring cleaning your home, closet, and maybe your eating habits too.

I urge you to also give your skin a spring detox. It’s important to detoxify the skin because, as the largest organ in the body, the skin is responsible for eliminating toxins.

Toxins include those which are external, such as smog, and internal, which can come from food. Regardless of where the toxins are from, exposure to them builds up in our tissues and needs to be removed.

Age spots; adult acne; or oily, red, itchy, scaly skin are signs your skin needs a detox (spring and anytime). 

On a regular basis, I suggest exfoliating facial skin by using a light resurfacing agent.

Nightly, at-home treatments are effective when they incorporate cream-based vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate) or gel-based Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) products.

  • Additionally, clay-based masks, specifically those made with Moroccan Rhassoul Clay, are excellent at removing impurities.
  • Essential oils are also very helpful for a skin detox. Cardamom oil is one of my favourites for its antioxidant properties.
  • Dry brushing detoxes skin all over your body. Several times per week, I suggest using a professional dry brush before showering or bathing to remove dead skin. Starting at your feet, use circular motions and work your way up.

More tips for a natural skin detox:

  • Drink more water. If you want extra detoxing power and/or don’t prefer plain water, add some lemon. Lemons naturally promote healthy digestion and help flush toxins.
  • Cut out the junk. Give yourself a week of staying off “congesting” foods like animal fats, dairy products, white bread, fast foods, and sugar.
  • Sweat it out! Exercise gets your heart beating and your skin sweating, which helps to cleanse toxins.