Our top tips for ensuring new customers become repeat customers through bespoke, personalized spa and salon experiences.

1. Communicate

Before a guest books an appointment, be sure your spa or salon communicates information about safety and sanitation protocols, either on your website or over the phone.

Making guidelines clear in advance avoids cancellation and customer dissatisfaction. Reinforce the policy by email and post signage around your facility. Be available to answer any questions the guest may have.

2. Customers Value Saving Time

If possible, have a questionnaire ready in advance so that the therapist or stylist can refer to it when the service begins and kickstart conversations with the guest. Be attentive.

The guest is there to relax and looks to the staff to provide guidance once they arrive. Do they need to visit the locker room? Would they like a drink? Engage, engage, engage!

3. Make Booking Easy

Your online booking site can help you provide this level of guidance from the start, outlining what the guest can expect from you and what is expected from them – from health and safety protocols to treatment descriptions.

4. Your Staff is Key

Your business success hinges on your staff. Ensure that they have the tools to answer questions and that guests can request a manager for anything price-related. The staff’s main role is to provide the service – don’t make them tackle accounting as well.

5. Always Use the Guest’s Name

Personalization does matter and remembering someone’s name will make them feel special and connected. Treat the guest as if they were visiting your home; ensure the temperature of the room is comfortable, ask if they are thirsty, and endeavour to make their experience stress-free.

6. Reward Generously

Make sure tip envelopes are available at the front desk so that guests can show appreciation for the staff. Tip suggestions can be included in a visible space AND if it’s preferred for the guests to tip in cash, inform them of this policy PRIOR to the visit. The guest and your employee will thank you!