Relaxing at the spa makes a big difference for all of us, but for women it means breaking away from taking care of others and letting others take care of them.  So where do we find someone who wants to take care of us and is solely dedicated to making us feel better, for whatever span of time?

Enter Holistic Practitioners

Holistic practitioners like massage therapists dedicate themselves to alleviating tension in the body, soreness in the upper and lower back as common ailments and to truly provide a soothing experience. 

Essential oils are sometimes used during these treatments. Don’t be afraid to ask for a specific one or to ask they keep from providing scent at all if you like. Just focus on the moment and book that massage today.

Touchless Energy Therapies

One such therapy that is especially healing is Acupuncture. Want to fix your chi? Find your ying/yang? Then Acupuncture is the answer. While many might hesitate because of the needles, most people don’t even feel them. What do they feel instead? Peace, release and another layer of tranquility. Often heat lamps are used during these sessions to provide warmth. The benefits range from anti-inflammation, to improved blood circulation and better sleep quality. 

Reiki is another touches therapy used for healing. It taps into energies and the reiki master typically hones in on the chakras that most need attention. There’s really no telling, this is truly an exploratory practice where practitioners seek to reset energetic levels. In the US, this practice is being used for rehabilitative purposes and to treat certain illnesses like Parkinson’s. 


Meditation and yoga focus on wellness by deepening the practice of looking inwards instead of outward. Inwards includes breathwork to reduce stress. Quickened breathing immediately leads the body into a crisis state where longer, deeper breaths quell stress and promote tranquility. Look near you for practitioners that can provide this type of relief and reduced stress.

This Spring, start a renewal process that will last a lifetime.

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