Due to the increase of women reporting hair loss for varying reasons, Medical Spas have added treatments to assuage some of these concerns.

A lot of women report hair loss for varying reasons. Either stress related, the unexpected onset of alopecia, or just a change in hormones. So how are medical spas viewing this as an opportunity? Well, several are exploring ways to relieve women (and men) of their hair loss ailments.

Platelet-Rich Plasma

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments have become the go to for many women AND men seeking to rejuvenate their hair follicles. What does the procedure entail? First comes the consultation. The service provider will meet with the client to review concerns and goals. Be sure to provide full transparency and detail so that they can identify how many sessions you may need and create a plan to address your needs. The more information, the better. Questions may help address whether this is genetic, a post covid symptom, stress related or a deeper issue that may entail bloodwork.

PRP; the procedure

Typically a technician will draw blood, place it in a centrifuge to spin it and separate the ‘healthiest’ blood. After the separation, this platelet rich plasma is placed in a syringe and later injected into the scalps around the areas of concern.

At a follow up visit, the service provider will evaluate your progress and continue to plan your protocol. Try to proceed free of expectations as this takes time to see results. Repeated visits are important to continue to fuel the area with platelet rich plasma.

How Much Does PRP Cost?

Prices vary by region and popularity. In areas where there is high demand and supply, the price is actually lower based on competition. In other places where specialists are scarce, the price is higher. That being said, treatments can start as low as $299 to $1500. Always inquire when you call and ask about treatments. Typically 4-6 treatments are recommended so people can see results so it’s a good idea to request pricing to anticipate the expense.

Hormone Related Hair Loss

Another arising funnel are biostations where bloodwork is drawn to assess if the client may be missing any hormones or depleted of some. As women age, progesterone, testosterone and estrogen tend to decrease and this can lead to thinning hair. Don’t fret, hormone replacement is actually more accessible today than ever before.

Remedies can vary to either self delivered injections or pills inserted under the skin with time released of hormones. The doctor will provide options for the client depending on his/her preference.

Stress Related Hair Loss

Sometimes stress can take a toll and hair loss is the body’s way of externalizing. It can be frustrating and exhausting to count hair clumps especially when you’re already dealing with other items. Typically a visit to the medical spa might bring light to vitamin deficiencies or supplementation that can help tackle this challenge.

Additionally, meditation and acupuncture might also alleviate stress so seek practices that offer either or both of these services. Everyone struggles with stress at one time or another. We ALL need to find our way back to coping and spas can help.

Seek a Consultation

Set up an appointment and book a consultation to see what your medical spa can do for you! Book an appointment at a merchant near you!

Nurture Your New Hair

As your hair continues to heal, remember to invest in a little self care for you and your hair. There are several natural ingredients that work wonders. From castor oil to rosemary to argan oil, dabble in these different natural ingredients to see which works best for you.

One treatment that’s especially popular is blending avocado oil with avocado, mashing it and treating it as a hair mask. A lot of iterations of this exist with coconut butter & coconut oil also.