“They’re meant to be sisters, not twins”

If you have eyebrows, you’ve likely spent many a morning painstakingly trying to get your brows to lay flat, to point in the right direction … to match (!!). We all spent much of the early 2000’s trying to perfect the thin, barely-there brows … a trait my bushy, curly and otherwise unruly brows fought against, and usually won. Our eyebrows may seem unimportant, but they have the ability to shape our face, make our eyes pop and define our unique characteristics. They are IMPORTANT. However, like the quote above states, and yes this applies to your eyebrows, they should be sisters, not twins. In other words, perfection is out.

Brow trends seem to come and go as fast as the seasons these days, and thanks to the pandemic and the inability to have professionals handling our treasured brows (thanks a lot lockdowns), natural and bushy are in and look to be sticking around. See below for 5 eyebrow trends to try this fall:

Natural & Bushy

Put. Down. The. Tweezers. Let your natural brows go in and resist the urge to pluck every stray hair. Patience is key here and as your arches grow in you’ll notice their natural shape take place. Use an eyebrow pencil to lightly fill in sparse areas, starting at the arch to define the shape before moving toward the tail, always using small strokes. If your brows have a mind of their own, hold them in place using a brow brush and gel which acts similar to hair gel to keep things locked in.

We’re loving the natural brows on Anya Taylor Joy:

The Geolift

Taking inspiration from natural and bushy brows, the Geolift takes it to the next level. The new style combines a strong brow shape with a notable lift, and removes any strays below the brow, making for a cleaner, crisp arch with a tapered tail. To fill in the brow, opt for a brow mascara for a more contoured look and a brow gel to hold the hairs in place.

Zendaya is rocking this look:

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Laminated Brows

Who said perms were just for the hair on top of your head? This new trend required a temporary perm for your eyebrows, giving them a full and fluffy, structured look that will stay in place for months. You can get this same look from using a brow brush, dipped in water and rubbed against a bar of soap, then applied to the lashes. The effects won’t last as long (until your next facewash), but you’ll get the same set-in-place results.

Check out this brow look from UK-based makeup artist Nikki Makeup:

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Straight Brows

If you’re struggling with getting the perfect eyebrow arch, maybe straight brows are for you. Popularized by Korean Beauty and often referred to as Boy Brows, straight brows are simply that … straight. Forget about shaping and instead focus on filling in the underside of your brows, making it look as if they are straight across on the bottom.

Kendall Jenner has perfected the straight brow look:

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Rainbow Brows

Colour no longer needs to stop at the eyelid. Celebs like Lizzo are bringing this trend to the top and there truly is so much that can be done here. Using a coloured mascara in place of a brow gel, apply to the eyebrow and seize the day. It is definitely easier to achieve with bleached or blonde brows, but either way it will add a pop of colour to your look and is sure to make a statement.

Take inspiration from the trendsetter herself:

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It is probably best to leave any serious brow updates to the professionals! Book an appointment with a WaySpa partner today.