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When imagining cozy autumn days, a lot of things come to mind. Most of us love being snuggled up on the couch with a blanket and bowl of popcorn. But you’ll fall even more in love with the season when foot massages are involved.

Your partner, best friend or mom can easily learn how to perform the top three rubs for your extremities. And you can do the same to show your love for each other in a unique way.

Looking to take comfort to the next level? Warming your feet up by the fire after a cold day is fun and all, but you’ll enjoy ultimate comfort with a Swedish or deep tissue massage at a spa near you.

And then there’s reflexology, which is believed to reach right into your heart, lungs, and liver! Have questions? We don’t blame you. Here’s everything you need to know about your upcoming fall 2022 foot rubs.

Swedish foot massage

Certain spa treatments never go out of style, and the Swedish massage is one of them. This all-in-one treatment is one of the most prominent in the world, and while you may have gotten a Swedish massage on your back, shoulders, and buttocks…the foot rub is simply next-level.

First, let us tell you exactly what it is. This treatment is essentially a mix of deep-kneading techniques that releases tension from the muscles, along with the mind.

Studies have shown that a Swedish massage relaxes the nervous system, aids circulation, and helps with detoxification, all of which lead to a more balanced thought process. Yes, even when your feet and brain are at entirely different ends of your body. Pretty cool, right?

It’s actually pretty easy to learn Swedish foot massage at home, especially when it’s only confined to one area.

Pick up a detailed pamphlet or watch a YouTube tutorial, all by trained massage professionals, of course, and start learning how to give your partner the fall-themed Swedish foot massage they’ve always wanted!

Reflexology massage

Have you ever considered that a foot massage could reach into your head, neck, small intestine and beyond? It may seem crazy to a few, but that’s exactly what reflexology is about.

This ancient practice, which originated with Chinese medicine, is based on the concept that your foot is a map of “pressure points.” When these specific points are massaged, the pressure is said to heal ailments elsewhere in your body.

For example, when your reflexologist massages your big toe, the treatment extends to the head and brain. Moving downwards on the foot will nourish your eyes and ears, kidneys, liver, spinal region and more.

And it’s just a bonus that a reflexology massage feels majorly, majorly good. Our suggestion for a day off this fall? Find a reflexology expert that will massage every inch of your feet – and heal the rest of your organs in return.

reflexology map for foot massage

Deep tissue massage

A deep tissue massage for the feet uses many of the same movements as the Swedish massage, along with providing similar mental and physical benefits. However, the main difference is the pressure applied as well as the applicant pool.

The stroking and kneading methods are applied with much more pressure, hence the “deep” in the name, to create a balance between muscle tension release and pushback against the pressure.

This is an art form that takes a little while longer to learn. The receiver should also have a health screening to ensure that they’re a fit for a deep tissue massage.

We don’t mean to scare you, as this is an amazing treatment that will do wonders for your feet. However, it’s designed for those who truly need deeper pain relief and muscle release.

It’s a popular treatment among athletes or those with highly-physical jobs —such as dance instructors, firefighters, mail delivery persons or construction workers. Those with office jobs or more sedentary lifestyles should stick with their Swedish massages.

We also recommend that the super-physical hit up their favourite spa for reflexology or a deep-tissue foot massage by a major pro.