Aging, environmental factors, genetics, stress and diet all have a significant impact on the health of our skin. We often hear about what foods to eat or avoid for clear skin, and frankly that list is pretty clear-cut and easy to follow. Simply put, dairy and sugar are delicious but not so friendly to the state of our skin. But something that is far less easy to follow and keep track of is what products to use for your skin.

Skin type is different for every person, and therefore the needs of our skin also vary from person to person, and even season to season. We spoke with Aesthetician and Owner of La Peau D’or Beauty Wellness Spa Ann Marie Grant about common skincare mistakes and important things to keep in mind.

Common Skincare Mistakes

Using the Wrong products for your skin type

WaySpa: How can someone figure out their skin type at home? What are the signs to look for?

Ann Marie: In my experience it is very difficult to self-analyze your skin at home because most people base their analysis on how their skin feels and not by what is truly occurring to the skin. For example, I often hear “my skin is very oily,” when in reality, it is the expected oil secretion to keep the skin’s PH balance. There are numerous factors to consider when analyzing one’s skin and its general care. In which case I recommend having your skin analyzed by a knowledgeable, qualified skin care professional.

Using Products with Toxic Ingredients

WaySpa: Beauty labels can be very confusing and hard to read – especially for the majority of us who are not scientists ;). What are some common ingredients people should avoid in over-the-counter products? And why?

Ann Marie: I agree that beauty labels are hard to read and understand without exceptional knowledge of ingredients. For example, parabens are preservatives found in cosmetic products, however this ingredient has been found to be a carcinogen (cancer causing). As well as Formaldehyde, which is another known carcinogen and is linked to asthma and other respiratory issues. These ingredients are both endocrine disruptors, developmental toxins, and neurotoxins. Other harmful ingredients are petroleum jelly also known as mineral oil, which clogs the pores and could cause other health issues. A few more ingredients to look out for are, oxybenzone commonly found in sunscreen, ethanolamine (TEA, MEA, DEA etc), polyethylene glycol (PEGs), and many more.

Having the same morning and night skincare routine

WaySpa: What are, or should be, the main differences in your skincare routine morning and night?

Ann Marie: The morning routine should be a more simplified procedure. For example, use a cleanser, serum, sunscreen, face cream and eye cream. In the evening, cleansing is more intense to remove makeup, and harmful pollutants. After cleansing, follow with a great exfoliant designed for your particular skin type. Frequency of exfoliation is based on individual needs. Next, a mist is applied, paired with a serum, cream, and eye cream. If using an exfoliant cream like retinol or other resurfacing creams, it is best to apply at night as they cause photo sensitivity during the day. There are times when a different cream is recommended at night as it may be richer, or contain ingredients that work best while you’re sleeping.

Exfoliating too much or not enough

WaySpa: How often should we exfoliate?

Ann Marie: Exfoliation is done according to the needs of each individuals skin. For example, as we get older the dead skin cells tend to flake off slower, and an individual with oily skin will find more build up due to the heavy oil on the skins surface. Although it is important to exfoliate even with sensitive skin, it is vital to ensure that this is done in a safe manner.

Using too much product

WaySpa: Is there a limit on how many products we use? Many articles list numerous steps in a skincare routine which can be overwhelming. How do you know how many products are right for your skin?

Ann Marie: I believe it is important to use only what your individual skin requires. That is why it is imperative to have a good skin analysis to lay out results-oriented home-care routine to achieve the desired results. That said, each product plays a unique and pivotal role in accomplishing these results.

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