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Amerispa Chateau-Bromont

90 rue de Stanstead Suite 101, Bromont, J2L 1K6

In the peaceful atmosphere of Amerispa Château Bromont, where time seems to stand still, dive into a profound state of relaxation and well-being. At the foot of the ski slopes, this Amerispa centre offers you a Nordic spa, as well as a wide range of massage therapies, skincare treatments and body care treatments.
Contact us or visit the “Thermal Experience” tab for more details on our spa membership packages and their numerous advantages.
Take time for yourself and let time stand still with Amerispa.

Moment Spa Fairmont Tremblant

3045 Chemin De La Chapelle, Mont-Tremblant, J8E 1E1

Completely renovated, the design and elegance of the Moment Spa Fairmont Tremblant is now the perfect addition to the exceptional and distinguished experience that offers the Mont-Tremblant resort. This timeless retreat promises well-being and absolute relaxation.

After a day playing golf, skiing or biking, reward your body with a therapeutic massage or an Energizing Leg Treatment. It’s the perfect destination for your next beauty getaway with friends! The comfortable and stylish decor of the manicure and pedicure station promises unforgettable moments.

Amerispa Esterel Resort

39 boul Fridolin-Simard, Esterel, J0T 1E0

Esterel and Dupuis Lake make up an enchanting environment, perfect for awakening your senses. Dive into a world of well-being and relaxation at Amerispa’s health and beauty centre.

Your body is precious and loves being pampered. Trust in the team of experts at Amerispa, who will provide you with quality massage therapy, skin care and body care treatments. In the heart of the Laurentians, you will find well-deserved rest and well-being at Amerispa Estérel Resort.

Let yourself be tempted by a romantic outing less than an hour from Montreal. Take advantage of the lake’s tranquility, and let yourself go for a moment of absolute relaxation. You will especially enjoy the manicure and pedicure room, with an exceptional view of the lake.

An exclusive swimming area in the lake, the warmth of a Finnish sauna and the bliss of outdoor jacuzzis… The comfort of all the hotel facilities will be available to you with the purchase of a spa package or 2+ hours of services.

Take time for yourself and let time stand still with Amerispa.

Amerispa Hilton Lac-Leamy

3 Boul du Casino, Gatineau, J8Y 6X4

Taking care of your body and your mind means knowing how to let go. At Amerispa Hilton Lac-Leamy, you will benefit from a wide range of spa treatments including massage therapy, spa facials and body care treatments. The Amerispa team will make your experience a moment of pure well-being. Clear your mind—inner peace really suits you.

Take a pause with Amerispa less than ten minutes from downtown Ottawa. The Amerispa centre at the Hilton Lac-Leamy is just as perfect for a romantic getaway as it is for a day out with friends. Our 17 therapy rooms will make anyone happy.

Amerispa Le Bonne Entente

3400 Chemin Sainte-Foy, Quebec, G1X 1S6

Completely renovated and located at the heart of magnificent gardens and waterfalls, Amerispa Le Bonne Entente will transport you to a world of relaxation and peace. Dive into well-being with a relaxing massage or a revitalizing spa treatment. Maintain and restore your skin and natural beauty with our new high-end medical aesthetic treatments.

Your body is precious—take care of it. At Amerispa Le Bonne Entente, you will be able to put time on hold. Let yourself go, alone, as a couple or with friends, while enjoying our wide range of massage therapies, skin care treatments and body care treatments. Take a quiet moment just for you with the exquisite manicure and pedicure station and spacious relaxation area. Our multi-sensory NeuroSpa massage chairs will allow you to extend your experience and appreciate a moment of complete relaxation.

Thanks to our new microdermabrasion therapy, your skin will look like new! This painless treatment eliminates imperfections to give you back that radiant glow that suits you so well. Intense Pulsed Light hair removal is an effective treatment for permanent hair removal and allows long-lasting and fast results.

Moment Spa Le Manoir Richelieu

181 Rue Richelieu, La Malbaie, G5A 1X7

On the banks of the St. Lawrence River, Moment Spa Le Manoir Richelieu sends your body into a state of relaxation and well-being. Let yourself be drawn in by the quiet of your surroundings, and awaken your senses with our complete range of high-end massage therapies, spa facials and body care treatments.

Entirely renovated in 2015, the comfort of Moment Spa Le Manoir Richelieu will encourage you to let go. Awaken your senses with our range of massage therapies, spa facials and body care treatments. The refinement and charm of the Fairmont makes it an exceptional place, perfect for deep relaxation.

In this idyllic setting, make the most of your proximity to nature and take a breath of fresh air. Breathe in, breathe out.

Amerispa Spa Nordique Cantley

5 Ste-Elisabeth Road, Cantley, J8V 3E8

Enjoy a unique and intimate thermal spa experience in the heart of the Laurentian Forest, less than 20 minutes from Ottawa and Gatineau. A concept originating in Finland, thermotherapy consists of alternating between hot and cold temperatures in order to free your body from toxins and stress. Let yourself be tempted… Warm up your body with a Finnish sauna or a eucalyptus steam bath, then pass under the Nordic waterfall. The thermal shock will bring you a feeling of absolute relaxation that you will be able to appreciate during the final resting phase. Follow your experience with a massage therapy, skincare or body care treatment.
Top off your day of relaxation with a stop at our bistro. Discover our health menu and our selection of wines and beers as you look over the view of the hills of Outaouais.
For everyone’s enjoyment, the thermal spa experience is included in all spa packages. Contact us or visit the “Thermal Experience” tab for more details on our spa deals, packages and memberships, and their numerous advantages. This Amerispa centre also offers Pilates sessions. For more information, please contact our receptionists at 819-335-1555.

Amerispa Auberge Godefroy

17575 Boul Becancour, Becancour, G9H 1A5

The Amerispa centre at the Auberge Godefroy will give your body the care it deserves. Let us awaken your senses with a complete range of massages, body care treatments and facials.

Take advantage of a professional standard of care and enjoy your experience until evening under the warm lights of the foyer. Trust in our highly qualified team, who will help make your Amerispa experience calm and relaxing.

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