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Shades of Success Mobile

Shades of Success Mobile Smiles is made up of a group of healthcare professionals dedicated to providing optimal oral health. Our mobile dental team caters to seniors and clients with various abilities in private residences, nursing homes, long term care facilities, hospitals and hospices. Our goal is to accommodate and enhance our client’s health care in a comfortable and familiar setting without the hassle of arranging transportation thus saving time, money, and ensuring your loved one's peace of mind.

The foot nurse provides comprehensive foot care assessment and nursing care of the feet including: nail trimming and filing; care of corns, calluses, ingrown toenails, fungal and thick nails, and skin care. Home visits provided in senior’s homes; clinics in senior's apartment buildings and seniors groups.

Circumstances sometimes prevent seniors from being able to travel to their hair appointments or salon treatments. Pampering your mom or dad by having a specialized certified stylist care for them in the comfort and privacy of their own home, residence or hospital bed is the core mission of Shades of Success Mobile Smiles.


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