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Welcome to Spa Riad Assiha Wal Jamal

  THE FIRST AND THE ONLY AUTHENTIC THALASSO MOROCCAN MED SPA IN TORONTO Welcome to Riad Assiha Wal Jamal, your world’s blissful stress-free and hospitable leisure, your Garden House of Health and Beauty Spa. Many people see spa-going as a luxury and not a necessity. Given that spa treatments can have extremely curative properties and immune boosting effects, means you should regard regular trips to the spa as an absolute must for maintaining health relaxation. Spa treatments relieve stress, thought to be a major contributing cause of illness. Massages increase blood circulation and act as a powerful detox for your lymphatic system. So by all means, go for the sheer pleasure of it, but don’t forget you’re doing your body and immune system a huge favour too.  Riad Assiha Wal Jamal, which refers to Garden House of Health and Beauty is a Full Service Innovative Unique Spa that strives to meet and exceed its guest's health and beauty needs and satisfaction and is distinguished by the following: * Our passion for being committed to providing high quality professional spa treatments from start to finish * Our Extensive professional experience using only the FINEST & SAFEST Cosmetic Natural Ingredients and Spa Products * Our dedication to best practices, setting standards of safety, quality and hygiene to ensure an exemplary Guest experience. * Our diverse innovative Spa Menu that was designed to offer the choice of several Thalasso Moroccan Medical inspired Spa Treatments * Our Personalized individual attention to each and every guest, Soft skills and exceptional customer service * Our Staff continuous up to date education * A Moroccan Welcoming Pampering and Healing Environment Decor   Please Visit Our New Website  www.riadspa.ca  and Book Your Desired Treatments Online.  


  • Complimentary Beverages
  • Cuisine
  • Robes
  • Slippers
  • Tea
  • Moroccan Mint Tea