Nourish Boutique Spa

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727 William Street
Cobourg, Ontario


About Nourish

Reinventing the beauty industry cleanliness standards for nail salons and spas, Nourish Boutique Spa upholds the strictest of standards for sterilization and infection control.

Make a clean break! Nourish Boutique Spa is where health meets beauty. We take the utmost care to provide a clean, sterile and safe environment that goes WAY above and beyond normal spa and nail salon health regulations, for manicure, pedicure, waxing, facial and relaxation massage services. Leave your old spa behind to come to Nourish and you'll wonder why you hadn't done it sooner!

You’ll never see us double dip into the nail polish bottle. You’ll never see us use a non-sterilized tool on you. And we will never, ever, ever place your feet in a basin, which uses germ-infused jets to flow water around. You’ll also never experience us painting your nails with harmful chemical-laden nail polish.

We love our planet. We only work with brands that share our vision, ethical business approach and responsibility to employees and to the environment.

We promise to ensure that your experience is like none other. Mixing the vibe of open-concept nail salon with a spa retreat-like setting, we’ll be your retreat to escape the stresses of the outside world.

Infection control responsibility is a passion for us. We promise to employ the most stringent cleaning, disinfection and sterilization standards with every service you have with us. We also promise to provide you with a natural, chemical-free experience.

We love what we do! We’re enthusiastic. We’re energetic. We’re friendly. We’re professional, and we’ve got spirit!

We enjoy exploring and learning to become even better at what we do. And if we can fill your day with laughter and provide you with knowledge so that you can make informed decisions about your foot health, we’ve done our job!


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