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2570 A Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario


About Us

Lips Boutique by J.K.A. is a premier medical aesthetics studio in hearth of Toronto and is also cooperating with Pure Radiance Spa in King city providing all injectable services - dermal fillers , botox, dysport , mesotherapy. ( just 30 min drive from Toronto).

Here at Lips Boutique by J.K.A. we provide our clients with medical aesthetic treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections, sculpting and enhancement of face features , but our hallmark and specialisation is in Lips Enhancement
Our Clients come to us from all over Greater Toronto Area, and United States. Our expert knowledge and extensive experience in lip enhancement gives our clients an extra peace of mind and assurance that their own goals for the treatment and the look they choose will be achieved.

Our Medical Director is Dr. Hong. All procedures are performed by J.K.A.
J.K.A. is a graduate of McMaster University and Holds a Bachelor Degree in Nurse.
She is a Registered Nurse in a good standing with College of Nurses of Ontario with more then 15 years of experience and Specialized training in Medical Aesthetics from United States, Canada and Europe.
JKA is a Member of Registered Nurses Association of Ontario and Member of Canadian Society of Plastic Surgery Aesthetic Nurses.

Expirience the Difference.

1. JKA have realized that in this world it is not only physical actions that have an impact on outcome, but an intentions and a kind of spirit used while performing a physical action has a much greater impact and lasting impression on the outcome.
“Achieving results which are in alignment with the Highest Good of my clients is my main and predominant intentions for all treatments I perform, and all my work done in the spirit of LOVE”, says J.K.A.

2. At Lips Boutique by J.K.A, we spent considerable amount of time and effort on providing our clients with comprehensive assessment and education and all relevant information about our treatments and products so that our clients came make an informed decisions regarding their care.

3. We work only with high quality products made in Europe, USA, and Canada which are approved by Health Canada.

4. All our dermal fillers comes with Lidocaine. Lidocaine is a local anaesthetic which provides clients with added comfort during the treatments. Even thought these products come at a premium cost to us, we maintain industry pricing on all our services, hence, our clients do not absorb these premiums. J.K.A. maintains that our client’s comfort is important to us and thus we do not sacrifice the quality of our care under any circumstances.

5. We practice conscious awareness and mindfulness while performing all out treatments.
as JKAs beloved teacher S.N. Goenka used to say, so we repeat his words and wish you the same:

May All Beings be Happy, Peaceful , Harmonious and fully Liberated.

With Love,
from all of us at “Lips Boutique by J.K.A.”


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