3261 Heather St
Vancouver, British Columbia



Welcome to Donna Sam/Energy Healing & Detox Massage Studio

-  lymphatic drainage detox massage - to get toxins out of body, increase energy, lose weight, belly fat, cellulite, help fluid retention (swollen ankles/legs), skin issues like eczema & also anti-aging effect, PMS & hormone issues (e.g. swollen breasts, cramps, irritability, hot flushes, adrenal fatigue), help digestion issues like bloating, improve circulation, calm the nervous system, etc - more details on my website www.vandonnasam.wordpress.com   . First time $59/hr (reg $85/hr)

- energy healing - reiki, therapeutic touch, chakra clearing . Calms the mind, very good for anxiety,stress relief, releasing held in emotions, balance the chakras. First time $59/hr (reg $85/hr)

- relaxation massage first time $49/hr (reg $85/hr)

- foot/reflexology back massage combo first time $49/hr (reg $85/hr)