99 Sudbury Street
Toronto, Ontario


3.8 avg. rating
Reception 0.0
Facilities 6.0
Room 5.0
Treatments 6.0
Comfort 2.0
0% of guests recommend
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  • If you like throwing your money away, being frustrated, and left unsatisfied this is the company for you. I purchased a groupon in August 2012 from Dealfind. It took me 3 weeks of calling and leaving messages (when I could because their mailbox is always full) before I finally got my first appointment in September. My next appointment should have been 6 weeks after that, but they were too booked up and I had to wait over 2 months. In Decemeber I tried to call again to book my 3rd appointment and I did not hear from anyone in over a month. I physically had to write Bare Tech and letter because they have no email correspondence. I also filed a complaint with Dealfind to be reimbursed. Bare Tech contacted me the end of January 2013 and I went for my 3rd appointment in February. Today, April 10, 2013 I showed up for my 4th appointment and the door was locked and the phone number has been disconnected. I have no way to contact them, there is no email and now no phone number. Again I left a written letter in their mailbox and contacted Dealfind for a reimbursement. I will say this though, after 3 appointments I barely have any hair growth.

    3.8 out of 10