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Way back in 2015, when Spafinder predicted the use of cannabis in spa treatments and beauty products would be a hot new trend, there were those who thought they were um…spaced out. But just four years later, marijuana’s image has changed⁠—thanks in part to legalization here in Canada⁠—and new goods and profits are on the rise. Here’s a quick roundup of products and experiences that are making a buzz in the world of spa and wellness.

THC or CBD–What’s the Difference?
Marijuana contains over 100 chemical compounds known as cannabinoids that interact with our bodies. The cannabinoids we hear about most often are THC, which gets people high, and CBD, which is said to have medical potential and is used for pain relief, among other treatments (and doesn’t get you high). Hemp oil, often used in beauty and wellness products, usually has no THC by the time it is processed.

Cannabis Meets Wellness
As the Spafinder Trends Report pointed out, when you imagine marijuana and spa, it’s hard not to think of treatments like a “hot stoned massage.” However, many cannabis businesses take wellness very seriously. Dispensaries rush to use words like wellness and healing in their literature–and design their retail spaces to look spa-like.

Getting Buzzed on Beauty
Cannabis skin-care products are also going green (marijuana that is), and top retail chains like The Body Shop sell products like Hemp Soap on a Rope. Most contain hemp seed oil, said to combat dry skin, reduce inflammation and help with eczema.<sup>[1]</sup> (After processing, hemp oil seeds used in beauty products have no psychoactive compounds.)

Beauty products by Marley Natural–yes, Bob Marley’s family–caught our eye back in ’15. The company’s hemp oil-infused body and face lotions include soothing ingredients like rosemary, lavender and shea butter. And more recently, Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics is offering a Jasmine and Henna Fluff–Eaze hair treatment–also made with hemp oil–to smooth frizzy, dry hair.

Cannabis Spa Treatments
More and more spas are combining essential oils infused with CBD into traditional massage, facials and skin treatments so that in addition to relaxation, healing can occur. CBD is said to alleviate symptoms of pain and tension, decrease inflammation and muscle soreness, even calm anxiety.

The future? It’s clear that this is just the beginning for new intersections between cannabis and spa, wellness and beauty in the years to come.

[1] Los Angeles Times, “12 cannabis skin-care products worth trying,” Alice Short, April 2017