Ziba's Spa

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36 Ash St
Uxbridge, Ontario



Who is Ziba?

Ziba's Spa is a Haven of Healing and Beauty.
Hello, my name is Ziba.
I am originally from a small town with a warm and close community.
As a young adult, I chose to pursue science as a career and graduated with a PhD. from the University of Waterloo. For years I worked as a scientist in a large medical firm. Throughout those years, despite the prestige that came from working in that field, my heart told me that I was meant for something far more personally fulfilling.

As a mature adult, after many years as a scientist, I changed direction completely and began my journey to the work that I love. I studied diligently and have achieved my certification as a medical aesthetician, a certified reflexologist , certified cuppist and Reiki practitioner.
In 2014, I opened my spa and though my work was very satisfying, I knew in my heart that I was not in the right community. In July 2015, I wondered aloud with one of my regular clients about where I might relocate my spa for that small town warm and welcoming feeling. Uxbridge was her immediate response.

In less than twenty four hours, I found and fell in love with 36 Ash Street in Uxbridge. The century-old house spoke to me and I knew that it could be lovingly restored to its original beauty and become the center of my healing and beauty.

I believe in the healing powers of this warm old home in the center of this unique and vibrant town of Uxbridge. I also believe in the sincere, knowledgeable and loving wholehearted approach that I bring to each and every client.

I hope that many local and area residents will come into my spa to meet me and ultimately to allow me the opportunity to provide them with the treatment that instinctually I believe will help them.

And in time, I hope that Ziba's Spa will become a household word associated with goodness, honesty, caring, sincerity and excellent care.


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