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357a Eglinton Ave West
Toronto, Ontario


EglintionWay Registerd Massage therapy clinic located in the heart of midtown Toronto.It is easily accessible by public transit and we offer 2 free parking behind our clinic.
We provide therapeutic treatments for stress relief and muscle pain. We use music, aromatherapy, heat therapy and high quality lotions to help create the ideal environment for relaxation and stress relief. Come enjoy a deeply relaxing and highly therapeutic massage treatment that will provide instant and long lasting relief.

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RMT 60 min Thai Massage ($95.00)
it is a manipulation of the body using passive stretching and a gentle pressure along energy lines leaving you deeply relaxed, nourished and filled with energy.
RMT 90 min Thai Massage ($135.00)
Acupuncture 60 min ($95.00)
Acupuncture is incredibly useful for stubborn muscle stiffness, edema ,relieve pain.
RMT Hot Stone Massage 60 min ($100.00)
warm stones and relaxing massage strokes work together to remove stress and tension from your body,the direct heat relaxes muscles, allowing restoration of your body'balance
RMT Pregnancy Massage 60 min ($85.00)
Specialized body positioning techniques will ensure maximum comfort during this session,can help alleviate backaches,leg cramps, swelling...
RMT bamboo massage ($90.00)
This unique massage involves using bamboo rods of various sizes to knead and roll out knots and relax tense muscles
body scrub 90 min ($135.00)
This treatment with a full body exfoliation which stimulates blood circulation and removes dead skin , full body massage,make your skin smooth and hydrated
Royal Spa Pkg ($180.00)
60 min RMT Swedish massage,60 min ,Advance Facial, Full body Exfoliation, Reflexology, Manicure,and Spa Pedicure, includes light snacks and herbal tea.
Student ,Senior--Special 60min ($70.00)
no RMT receipt, only company receipt.
Student ,Senior--Special 90min ($100.00)
no RMT receipt, only company receipt